Trek's 2023 FX+ 2 E-Bike Lineup Unveils City and Adventure-Ready Machines With a Kick

Every year, automotive manufacturers unveil what they feel will be the peak of next year's desired traits and vehicles. The same thing happens in the cycling world, and a pair of machines you can get your hands on is the FX+ 2 EVs.
2023 FX+ 2 16 photos
Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
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That's right, the two machines you see in the gallery are electric vehicles. Best of all, they seem so dang desired that the manufacturer's website is completely sold out, and we're advised to "Check stock at your local Trek shop..." Time to see what's in store for folks looking for a city-destined EV that can achieve a tad more than just take you to work.

If you've been keeping up with autoevolution, you may have heard of the FX lineup already. Trek categorizes these as fitness cycles, bikes perfect for achieving the burn you so desire. As for the FX+, that "+" makes all the difference and signals that this two-wheeler is electric. And with that, the FX+ 2 is more of an urban companion; the fitness aspect can no longer be considered because most of us know how easy it is to move an e-bike.

With that in mind, I want you to look at the FX+ 2 bikes from a different perspective, more as an urban friend that's all up for helping you reach work without sweaty clothes, reach home as refreshed as when you left, and even carry your groceries. So to achieve these workhorse activities, Trek builds each FX+ 2 out of aluminum, and it's also part of why you're only being asked to drop $2,500 (€2,550 at current exchange rates) on a new one. Considering the electronics I'll be running through shortly, it's a bike you can keep in mind if you're looking for an urban EV.

2023 FX\+ 2 Motor
Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
So, what exactly are we looking at here? One aspect I found rather versatile was the way Trek avoided a mid-mounted motor. Instead, a rear-mounted motor cranks out 40 Nm (29.5 ft-lb) of torque that should be enough for you to carry out your daily activities, even if you live in a relatively hilly area. Best of all, once the 250 watts from your integrated battery have been sucked up by the motor, this bike will simply handle like any other eco-friendly two-wheeler you may have grown up with, adding little to no resistance to the remaining leg of your journey.

Speaking of journeys, it's whenever you decide to undertake one that the FX+ 2s will unveil what else they can do. If you've explored the gallery, you may have noticed that these specimens can be loaded with an array of cargo-carrying options. From front racks to rear racks, triangle bags and seat post kits, all have a place and use in this lineup.

2023 FX\+ 2 \(Color Option\)
Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
What does this mean for you? It means long rides, sometimes outside of your abilities, and that's not a problem one bit. With all this cargo, you can easily bring food, a tent, and anything else you may need to camp underneath the stars on the edge of town. Speaking of which, only around 35 miles (56 kilometers) is all you'll squeeze out of a charged battery, but a range extender can raise your limit to 70 miles (113 kilometers). Just imagine you and your loved one, each with their own bike, ready for a weekend adventure.

On the other hand, the remainder of the bikes seems rather budget-friendly, with Shimano Altus as part of the drivetrain. Tuned to 9 speeds and boasting a cassette with 11-36T range. Shimano brakes complete the picture, and you're looking at a 40-pound (18-kilogram) bike ready to get you into the e-bike game.

Sure, it may not be boasting the very best that Trek has to offer, but the features you'll find on this bike and what you can do with one for that price make the FX+ 2 lineup one to add to your "maybe" shopping list. Enjoy the ride, and please wear a helmet.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include the FX+ 2 and FX+ 2 Stagger (Step-Through Frame).

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