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Toyota Tacoma "TRD 6x6" Is The Widebody Truck Nobody Asked For

Toyota went to last year's SEMA show guns blazing and those weapons were the GR Supra 3000GT (no, this is not a Mitsubishi!) and the NASCAR-powered Tacoma TRD drift truck. Now, especially in the case of the massive drifter, you don't expect such a contraption to receive an update that takes things even further, and yet this is precisely what the rendering sitting before us comes to introduce.
Toyota Tacoma "TRD 6x6" Widebody Truck (rendering) 4 photos
Toyota Tacoma "TRD 6x6" Widebody Truck (rendering)
This digital fantasy comes from Jon Sibal, the very artist who designed the extreme aero of the Tacoma, albeit based on a concept from another pixel creator we often feature, namely Yasid Oozeear.

So, what can you do when you have a drift truck with the kind of aerodynamic elements you might find on a contraption designed to take on, say, Pikes Peak? You add a pair of wheels, obviously!

Of course, one has to wonder if there's more to this widebody, six-wheeled monster. Or is it a 6x6, with all wheels providing traction for days? Sure, such a setup would add weight, but the 900 horsepower of that TRD NASCAR V8 could always be sent to a single rear axle, so the machine can pull those crowd-drawing slip angles.

The artist did tag Brad DeBerti in the Instagram post featuring the three-axle Tacoma - this is the pro driver who owns the machine and you might be familiar to his name thanks to the Twin Turbos show on the Discovery Channel.

Even so, the Taco, which has its dedicated Insta page (you'll find this in the second post below) will probably keep its current configuration, especially since the addition portrayed here could get in the way of superior performance, at least as far as certain disciplines are concerned. Note that, on the said page, the truck is described as having been built for "drifting, rallycross, road racing and more."

Then again, as you'll notice in the third post below, DeBerti has pulled his own six-wheeler "prank" involving the truck back in May.


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