Toyota MR2 Restomod From the Year 3XXX Has Tasty 'HoverMachine' Carbon CGI Looks

Toyota MR2 Hover Machine rendering by mikedog 7 photos
Photo: mikedog/Instagram
Toyota MR2 Hover Machine rendering by mikedogToyota MR2 Hover Machine rendering by mikedogToyota MR2 Hover Machine rendering by mikedogToyota MR2 Hover Machine rendering by mikedogToyota MR2 Hover Machine rendering by mikedogToyota MR2 Hover Machine rendering by mikedog
According to the rumor mill, Toyota is actively researching the option of returning some of its beloved yet retired nameplates back to life. And the usual suspects always include the little MR2, of course.
Sure, as always, opinions might differ on the matter. Some people would love to see the Japanese automaker return to stout pickup truck glory with a Stout revival (pun intended) that could take its place in the North American roster alongside the upcoming 2024 Tacoma mid-size bestseller and the undaunted Tundra (especially the i-Force Max hybrid). That way, it could present itself as a viable unibody compact adversary to the Hyundai Santa Cruz and the overbearing Ford Maverick force.

Others, on the contrary, think that Toyota needs more GR specimens alongside the GR Yaris, GR Corolla, GR86, and GR Supra. And they sure point toward the MR2 two-seat, mid-engine RWD sports car as the perfect candidate for giving people an affordable option against the rising prices of current mid-size heroes like the C8 Chevy Corvette series. Of course, some people are also more logical and understand that Toyota doesn't care about fan sentiments and might never resuscitate the MR2 if they have other CUVs, SUVs, and truck fish to fry, including of the novel EV lifestyle.

Then there is also the imaginative realm of digital car content creators. Over there, anything is possible. And there's no need to take our word for granted, as we have another eloquent example from Mike Dog, author of "bloody renders," aka _mikedog_ on social media, who has recently gone back to the future of vintage JDM machines with this unique Toyota MR2 build. Just to understand the level of daringness, this pixel master recently cooked up a different kind of CGI Rimac C2 concept, one that ditched the Nevera EV lifestyle in favor of a flame-spitting V10 swap!

After that bonkers ICE-powered Rimac, he seems to have found a JDM-style calling, first with a Subaru XT – which was once a four-passenger, two-door coupe produced for model years 1985-1991 and (in)famous for the extreme wedge shape that lent it a surprisingly reduced coefficient of drag plus the host of luxury features, such as an adjustable pneumatic suspension, digital dashboard, or tilting instrument cluster (among others). In his vision, though, the Subaru XT became an unfinished yellow WRX STi widebody track weapon slammed on white Rotiform WRW aftermarket wheels.

Now, though, he is taking the vintage JDM atmosphere to the next level – and also to the year '3700,' according to one of his fans, with help from a second-generation Toyota MR2 restomod entirely clad in carbon fiber and equipped with hover pods instead of regular wheels. The levitating Toyota MR2 now looks ready for a Hollywood appearance in a low-budget Sci-Fi flick, right?

Alas, just in case you're an enthusiastic vintage JDM digital art project collector but do not care too much about the science-fiction element, we recommend a different kind of trip down memory lane – all thanks to Musa Rio Tjahjono, the Head Designer at the gloriously outrageous West Coast Customs by day and the musartwork socialite during his spare time. Fans of his work know very well that he's in love with all things JDM, so his latest Gold or Blue Nissan S13 creations feel spot-on if you want a widebody or stanced build that looks ready for the local drift brawl or car show or both!

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