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This Is the First Tactical UAV Taking off Automatically From a Ship

The world of VTOLs evolves at a super-fast pace, as more and more companies invest in this new side of the aviation industry, not only for commercial reasons but also for military purposes.
SKELDAR V-200 3 photos
UMS SKELDAR, a company specialized in rotary unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has announced at IDEX 2021 that its very own VTOL is now capable of performing ATOL (autonomous take off and landing) operations on a ship as the world’s first such capability in this sector.

In other words, the company’s very own VTOL can now take off and land without manual input on a ship, as it’s equipped with a laser altimeter and GPS sensors to determine the altitude and safety get on the ground.

UMS SKELDAR explains this is a major achievement, especially in the military sector, as until now, VTOLs required manual control whenever it came down to taking off and landing, despite their new-generation capabilities.

This latest milestone for UMS SKELDAR is a real first: it is unique to our company and it has never before been achieved in a military setting. The SKELDAR V-200 was conceived as a maritime platform and this exciting achievement secures its place as the first choice for Navy commanders,” David Willems, VP Business Development and Strategy for UMS SKELDAR, explained.

The SKELDAR V-200, which sports the look of a traditional helicopter, supports multiple types of payloads and can carry as much as 235 kilos (518 lbs), with a maximum autonomy of over 5 hours (though this obviously depends on payload configuration). The aircraft works with heavy fuel and can reach a maximum airspeed of 150 kph (81 kts).

Built as a VTOL remotely piloted aerial system, or RAPS, the V-200 doesn’t require an airfield, and thanks to this new upgrade, it supports fully automated vertical takeoff and landing. It’s ready for maritime operations and supports either single or dual-operator setups.

You can find all specifications of the SKELDAR V-200 in the attached PDF document.

 Download: SKELDAR V-200 specifications (PDF)


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