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The Future Is Here: Florida Will Have Over 10 Vertiports for Passengers

We’ve known for a while that VTOLs are the next big thing in aviation, and while many people believe it would still take years until this new-generation aircraft concept enters mass production, Florida is ready for the next big phase: the creation of vertiports.
Rendering envisioning the new vertiport design 1 photo
Flying taxi company Lilium has announced a partnership with Spanish firm Ferrovial with the goal of building at least 10 vertiports whose purpose will be to allow the operation of VTOLs for passenger transportation.

The vertiports will be specifically built for the five-seater VTOL developed by Lilium, and on paper, everything sounds like a glimpse into the future. The new vertiports will allow passengers to reach a location in Florida in a matter of minutes, as the aircraft can reach a maximum speed of 300 kph (186.41 mph).

And what’s more, given the big number of vertiports the two companies want to build, the goal is to provide 140 million passengers coming to Florida with a fast means of transportation to any location within the borders of the state.

Our strategy to bring high-speed transportation networks to an entire region is being brought to life in Florida, and Ferrovial is the ideal partner with their unrivalled expertise in airport construction and operations around the globe. Nearly all 20 million Floridians will live within 30 minutes of our vertiports and the 140 million annual visitors to the Sunshine State will have a high-speed option available to travel to their destinations,” Dr. Remo Gerber, Chief Operating Officer, Lilium, said in a press release, also embedded below.

The VTOLs have been specific built for densely populated urban areas, as they require less space to take off and land as compared to a standard airplane. Furthermore, the aircraft generates less noise, and if equipped with electric engines, they cut the emissions to zero. Lilium’s VTOL, for example, comes in the form of a five-seater with a maximum range of 300 km (186.41 mi).

The company says the first location where a vertiport would be constructed in Florida will be announced later this spring.

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