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V-BAT 128 Is an Upgraded VTOL Built with the U.S. Army in Mind

The VTOL revolution has already started, and of course, the United States Army doesn’t want to be late to the party. The Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment, also known as AEWE, is specifically supposed to assess new technology that could support the next-generation equipment used by the U.S. Army, and this year, Martin UAV joins the fun with a new VTOL.
The upgraded version of the V-BAT 5 photos
The company’s existing V-BAT concept has been upgraded with the U.S. Army in mind, so the new design comes with important improvements for power, payloads, and endurance.

For example, the aviation tech manufacturer guarantees a maximum of 11 hours of endurance and a higher ceiling for the V-BAT 128, with the power to also receive a substantial increase.

What’s more, the new VTOL offers interchangeable payloads with a maximum weight of 25 lbs (11.34 kg) without including the fuel weight.

In the standard configuration, the V-BAT supported a maximum payload weight of 8 lbs (3.63 kg), with a range of 130 km (70 nm).

The V-BAT aircraft is designed with sufficient payload capacity to carry a range of interchangeable payloads based on mission-specific requirements. Some payloads include EO/IR, AIS, land and maritime surveillance, SIGINT and 4G/LTE,” Martin UAV explained.

The V-BAT has a wingspan of 9 feet (274.32 centimeters) and a total length of 8 feet (243.84 centimeters), with the weight reaching 88 lbs (39.92 kg). The propulsion is provided by a 182cc 2-cylinder EFI unit, with 500 watts onboard electrical power.

In addition, Martin UAV also builds the eV-Bat, which relies exclusively on electric power.

Martin UAV’s eV-Bat is an electric powered tail-sitter UAV capable of hovering and high-speed cruise flight modes. The aircraft uses an on board flight control system for altitude stabilization and control while hovering, during the transition to, and while in forward, wing-borne flight,” the company says in a short description of the electric V-Bat.

Demonstrations of the upgraded V-BAT are scheduled for February 19, 23, 26, and March 2 at Fort Benning.

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