This Innovative Tiny Is the Modern and Sustainable Version of a Cozy Home

The Florida tiny house is a three-bedroom home with a built-in porch 13 photos
Photo: DeepBlue Smarthouse
The Florida tiny houseThe Florida tiny houseThe Florida tiny houseThe Florida tiny houseThe Florida tiny houseThe Florida tiny houseThe Florida tiny houseThe Florida tiny houseFoldable Container HomeFoldable Container HomeFoldable Container HomeFoldable Container Home
Although there's no shortage of excellent tiny house builders all over the US, there's always room for something new and different coming from other parts of the world. The eye-catching Florida tiny house was designed and manufactured in China for the US and UK market, and it's the fresh take on engineering that makes it particularly interesting.
At first glance, the Florida tiny looks like a traditional-style home on wheels that's ready to welcome a family on their downsizing journey. The built-in porch looks especially inviting, changing the entire look of the home from an industrial build to a cozy and comfy oasis. Not a lot of tiny homes come with this type of spacious, covered porch that acts as an outdoor extension of the main living area. It's a great addition for enjoying the outdoors even more, no matter the weather or time of day.

What's even better is that despite this generous addition, the Florida tiny house stays remarkably compact and lightweight. It's no more than four meters tall (13.1 feet) and weighs 3.5 tons while revealing an interior space of a little over 27 square meters (290.6 square feet). This is a lavish three-bedroom house with a big built-in porch, yet it offers the same benefits in terms of mobility and easy transportation as a much smaller and more modest version.

The main reason behind this is the Florida tiny's special structure. Like all the tiny homes manufactured by this experienced builder based in Ningbo, China, this three-bedroom house is based on a light steel frame. Plus, it boasts a modern foldable structure that makes it even more practical. DeepBlue Smarthouse started as a conventional builder and gradually expanded its portfolio to modern alternatives such as modular builds, container homes, and tiny homes.

The Florida tiny house
Photo: DeepBlue Smarthouse
Foldable container homes are mobile homes with a twist. They're an effective solution that drastically reduces costs and time resources. This type of foldable structure is easy to transport to any location and just as easy to assemble on-site, with just a few tools and minimal effort. Like most of today's housing alternatives, it's designed to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Plus, it's versatile – future owners can customize it for multiple uses, from a basic emergency shed to a fully outfitted residence.

The Florida tiny combines the benefits of a foldable structure with those of a light steel frame. Cold-formed steel framing (CFS) promises exceptional stability and weather resistance compared to traditional materials such as wood – a house like the Florida tiny isn't vulnerable to changes in moisture content, and its structure won't start to split or crack when exposed to the elements. This is truly a house that's built to last in any environment, maintaining its original structural integrity.

CFS is also non-combustible, which means added fire safety for long-term living. Plus, it's 100% recyclable, which makes CFS a great eco-conscious choice when it comes to modern housing. One of this structure's primary benefits compared to conventional materials is that it's so lightweight – tiny homes like the Florida tiny are even easier to transport than mobile homes made of other materials. With the added foldable design, the Florida tiny becomes an ingenious, innovative alternative to standard housing, without compromising daily comfort.

The Florida tiny house
Photo: DeepBlue Smarthouse
Inside Florida, you’ll discover a cozy layout with a modern twist. What stands out immediately is the generous accommodation potential – this tiny comes with one ground-floor bedroom and two lofts. The main bedroom is fitted with multiple windows that add luminosity; it can be separated from the rest of the house for extra privacy, or kept as an informal, open-space relaxation area. It's also conveniently placed next to the bathroom.

The kitchen sits at the center of the house, and is spacious enough to double as an informal dining area. It's designed to integrate all the basic appliances, in addition to the ample countertop space and overhead shelves for easy-to-reach storage. The kitchen sits between the main bedroom and the lounge area, which is also designed to maximize luminosity via multiple large windows.

A compact staircase with integrated storage connects the main floor with the larger loft that was designed as a spacious bedroom. It can fit a large bed, surrounded by windows, and protected by a handrail. The second loft bedroom is smaller. It comes with one, smaller window and an open-work protection wall. Thanks to the built-in porch, Florida's lounge seems to overflow and connect with the outdoor, blurring the actual size limitations.

The Florida tiny house
Photo: DeepBlue Smarthouse
Most importantly, behind the smart design and generous layout, this tiny house is meant to be a reliable and durable dwelling that can pass the test of time. It's a contemporary take on the idea of sustainability and affordable housing. Perhaps combining the traditional home design we're accustomed to with mobility and innovative engineering and building techniques is the winning formula for a new approach to housing.
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