The Lavender Tiny Adds a Bohemian Touch to a Smart Layout

Tiny houses are primarily about functionality and making the most of a compact living space, but they don't neglect comfort or even style. A six-meter (19.6 feet) home is truly compact yet no less welcoming than a standard-sized house, and that's thanks to a clever layout with a magical bohemian touch.
The Mobi Individual Lavender II is a loft-bedroom tiny with a bohemian style 16 photos
Photo: Mobi House
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Built on a solid trailer that's under 20 feet in length, the Lavender II tiny house by Mobi House would be an ideal option for a couple or a single owner. It successfully squeezes in all the essential components of a classic layout, with extra versatility on top. Based on the Mobi Individual platform, the Lavender tiny shares the functionality of similar one-bedroom tiny homes with a loft, and also adds its own special touch through a couple of well-chosen design elements.

This is a true minimalistic home, meant to please folks who see downsizing as a way of life and a philosophy to live by instead of a grim financial decision. Mobi House is known to be faithful to the incredibly popular Scandinavian style, supported by the use of certain types of wood brought straight from Northern Europe. The Lavender tiny is designed in classic Scandinavian fashion, with a clean aesthetic, minimal furniture, and a relaxing color scheme based on white, light grey, and natural wood.

The typical Scandinavian color palette has an important visual effect of amplifying spaciousness. It's complemented by the smart use of windows to enhance luminosity where it's needed the most without diminishing privacy. The Lavender doesn't feature huge windows or try to become a fashionable indoor/outdoor abode that feels more like an exotic resort than a permanent residence. Instead, it plays with a variety of shapes and sizes for a stylish effect. The large window is, by far, the most striking feature.

Mobi Individual Lavender II
Photo: Mobi House
It's unusually big for a home this size, replacing the standard picture window that's typically added to lounge areas. This round window alone is enough to transform the lounge's vibe and add a bit of magic. A hanging rocking chair is the perfect addition to an even more relaxed, bohemian-style atmosphere. A beautiful tall window brings in even more natural light, keeping this lounge bright and airy. The contrasting shapes of these two main windows add visual depth and an aesthetic layer that elevates the overall minimalism.

No Mobi House lounge would be complete without the signature convertible sofa. This piece of furniture would be a treasure in any home – it's a comfy seating option, an extra bed, and a storage solution all at once. It mimics the functionality of the loft staircase with integrated storage, another popular item in most tiny houses this size. The different-sized cabinets integrated into the staircase provide easy-to-reach storage for both the lounge and the kitchen while effectively preventing a cluttered look.

Another surprise awaits in the kitchen. You might think that such a compact home can only have a simple kitchen with limited space. Still, the Lavender reveals a flexible, multi-purpose area within the kitchen. It could be a generous home office or an informal dining area, and it's all thanks to a big breakfast bar/desk by the window. One of the best parts is that it benefits from privacy, which is a rare treat when it comes to small spaces. It's more of a dining or office nook than a simple breakfast bar. The folding chairs stored above can quickly be added to either this nook or the kitchen countertop and then tucked away, leaving the whole area free and uncluttered.

Mobi Individual Lavender II
Photo: Mobi House
Privacy is a key quality of Lavender's loft bedroom as well. A generous-sized bookcase was strategically meant to double as a full-height protection wall, ensuring storage and privacy at the same time. Loft bedroom can often be uncomfortable, but that's not the case with the Lavender tiny.

A comfortable staircase provides easy access, and the protection wall creates the cozy, intimate vibe of a traditional bedroom. In addition to the dedicated space for a double bed, a full-height wardrobe offers even more storage without taking any of the precious sleeping area space due to its corner placement.

Tiny windows are added throughout, in the loft bedroom as well as the kitchen area and the bathroom. The bathroom is discretely hidden behind a decorative pocket door – another smart way of creating visual interest and maximizing space at the same time. The standard version of the house comes with a shower stall, a sink, and the setup for an eco-friendly toilet. Electric radiators, heating mats, and air conditioning in the lounge area keep the right temperature year-round.

Mobi Individual Lavender II
Photo: Mobi House
A Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic defines the Lavender tiny on the outside as well. Despite its name, this particular model is far less colorful than most Mobi House builds, which aren't typically afraid to flaunt bold, dark colors and vibrant contrast. The Lavender tiny is peaceful and truly minimalistic throughout. Despite its apparently austere simplicity and modesty, this skillfully designed home feels instantly like a contemporary, bohemian sanctuary, all with the help of a few special elements.
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