This Google Maps Rival Is Offering a Waze Alternative as Well

While there are plenty of alternatives to Google Maps out there, the number of apps that can replace Waze is rather limited.
Sygic traffic reports 6 photos
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Sygic traffic reporting systemSygic traffic reporting systemSygic traffic reporting systemSygic traffic reporting systemSygic traffic reporting system
After all, building a Waze competitor isn’t by any means easy. What sets Waze apart from the rest of the crowd is the crowdsourcing engine that’s powering its traffic reporting system.

In other words, it’s the community itself the one that’s doing the hard part of the job, as it helps drivers on the road be in the know about what’s happening out there before they reach a specific location.

Users can therefore send traffic reports on things like accidents, traffic jams, roadkill, broken traffic lights, floods, and so on, and Waze can then look for a faster route to a destination by taking into account the reports that could slow you down.

Tech companies out there have tried on several occasions to build alternatives to Waze. Apple, for instance, has equipped Apple Maps with a traffic reporting system as well, but the availability of the feature is still limited and supports only three different types of incidents.

Sygic traffic reporting system
Photo: Sygic
Enter Sygic GPS Navigation.

While most people who search for an alternative to the likes of Google Maps and Waze typically look for a solution coming from a Google rival (such as Apple, Huawei, and so on), Sygic GPS Navigation is actually one of the best navigation products out there.

As a fully featured navigation solution, Sygic GPS Navigation also offers a traffic reporting feature that looks and feels a lot like the one bundled with Waze.

The application comes with a dedicated traffic reporting button in the main UI, and tapping it launches the UI that lets you flag the location of six different incidents. First and foremost, users can report speed cameras – this is one of the most popular options in Waze, and without a doubt, it comes in handy to Sygic users out there.

Then, in addition to speed cameras, users can also report the location of police and traffic jams. Both types of reports are also popular among Waze users, especially in crowded cities where traffic jams have become a way too common part of the typical driving experience.

Sygic GPS Navigation also allows users to report the location of accidents and closed roads - for the sake of comparison, most closed roads appearing on Waze are actually added by map editors. And last but not least, Sygic has also added support for school zones, something that doesn’t necessarily make much sense given the navigation app itself should be aware of these locations from the very beginning.

Sygic traffic reporting system
Photo: Sygic
Just like in the case of Waze, Sygic requires users to be connected to the Internet in order to use the traffic reporting feature. But unlike the Google-owned app, Sygic GPS Navigation also comes with an offline mode, as it allows users to download the maps and use the navigation capabilities without an Internet connection.

The traffic reporting feature helps Sygic generate more accurate ETAs and find faster routes, while also letting other drivers running the app know what’s happening on the road before reaching the location of a flagged incident. However, what sets Sygic and Waze apart is the size of the userbase powering the feature, as the Google-owned app obviously has many more drivers that contribute with traffic reports in pretty much every location out there.

Worth knowing, however, is that, unlike Waze, Sygic GPS Navigation is not available free of charge. Fortunately, however, a trial version that allows users to try out the application for 7 days is also available, so you can see what this Waze-inspired reporting feature is all about without having to pay a single cent.
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