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Sygic GPS Navigation dashcam moduleSygic GPS Navigation dashcam moduleSygic GPS Navigation dashcam moduleSygic speed camera alertSygic speed camera alertSygic GPS NavigationSygic GPS NavigationSygic GPS NavigationSygic GPS NavigationSygic GPS NavigationSygic GPS Navigation
It’s a shame this happens, but unfortunately, dashcams are becoming a must-have for drivers these days. The global sales of such electronics skyrocketed in the last few years, especially as they improved in quality, and new-generation products can easily read license plates even in total darkness.
On the other hand, the number of gadgets that we use behind the wheel is continuously increasing. And given every single device is a potential source of distraction, it goes without saying that this can’t be good news.

Navigation expert Sygic, however, has come up with a brilliant idea that could help drivers get rid of some electronics in their cars.

The company has equipped its navigation software, often considered a top Google Maps alternative, with support for dashcam capabilities, which means that a smartphone running its app can also record what’s happening in front of the car.

Here’s everything you need to know about this feature.

Sygic GPS Navigation dashcam module
Photo: Sygic
First and foremost, here’s precisely how it works. The Dashcam component of Sygic GPS Navigation uses the camera of the smartphone to record footage of what’s in front of the car. Needless to say, the mobile device must be placed in such a way that the camera can see the road ahead, but given most people already use phone holders attached to the windshield or installed in the air vents, this shouldn’t be such a major shortcoming.

Dashcam comes with two different working modes. For example, drivers can enable it when the navigation to a select route is enabled, in which case the whole thing would take place in the background. Then, the feature can also work when no navigation is configured, so you can always be sure that the application records what’s happening while you drive.

Sygic’s feature works just like a standalone dashboard camera, so it can record videos of 2, 5, 10, or 15 minutes in length. The default value is 5 minutes. Only the last three videos are stored on the device, so when a new fourth clip is created, the oldest is automatically removed to make sure the footprint on storage is as reduced as possible.

Furthermore, the navigation specialist has also developed more advanced functionality that reads information from the sensors inside the mobile phone, including the accelerometer. This means the Dashcam can automatically detect when you’ve been involved in an accident and automatically save the recorded footage on the mobile device.

Needless to say, while the Dashboard module comes with lots of great features, it also has a series of limitations.

For instance, the quality of video footage at night depends on the camera on your mobile device. A new-generation high-end smartphone should be able to record high-quality clips with license plates also visible at night, but otherwise, other devices might struggle to see in total darkness.

Sygic GPS Navigation dashcam module
Photo: Sygic
Then, the impact on the phone battery is even higher, especially when the navigation is enabled. This is because Sygic would use most of the device’s processing power and sensors, including the display (often the biggest battery hog on a smartphone), the GPS, the cameras, and so on.

Unfortunately, the Dashcam doesn’t currently work with an external camera, as it’s tied to the camera in your mobile device. And what’s more, it can’t be used at the same time with Sygic’s AR navigation, which also relies on the camera to do its magic.

Sygic offers Dashcam as part of its Premium+ package, which means only paying customers can try it out. Fortunately, however, a trial version of the software is also available, so you can theoretically be able to figure out if this is what you need without having to pay for it.
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