This Exclusive $21K Limited-Edition Water Beast Is Available Only for Two Weeks

Sailing a performance yacht is not the only way to feel like you’re racing on water. The jaw-dropping Sea-Doo RXP-X Apex 300 doesn’t just look sophisticated and cut through the waves at almost 70 mph (112.6 kph) but comes with a performance addition that makes all the difference.
F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo took the limited-edition RPX-P Apex 300 for a ride earlier this year 9 photos
2023 Limited-Edition RPX-P Apex 3002023 Limited-Edition RPX-P Apex 3002023 Limited-Edition RPX-P Apex 3002023 Limited-Edition RPX-P Apex 3002023 Limited-Edition RPX-P Apex 3002023 Limited-Edition RPX-P Apex 3002023 Limited-Edition RPX-P Apex 3002023 Limited-Edition RPX-P Apex 300
Having F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo take the limited-edition RPX-P Apex 300 for a thrilling ride around Miami was probably one of the best ways anyone could get all eyes on an exclusive watercraft. And Sea-Doo succeeded – there’s no doubt that it made a splash when the video was teased earlier this year.

With Ricciardo standing next to it, this exclusive model’s sophisticated look stands out even more. The “British” Racing Green color scheme, combined with the carbon-fiber hood and mirrors, plus details such as color-coordinated handgrips, make the new RPX-P Apex 300 a head-turner.

Once it hits the water, it’s as powerful as you’d expect. The 300 HP Rotax 1630 ACE engine is ready for adrenaline-pumping acceleration and a top speed of 68 mph (108 kph). The performance is what you’d get with any RPX-P, known as one of the most exciting watercraft available.

But what this limited edition does is add more control so that the ride gets to be smooth and precise, too, not just speedy. This is what makes it feel more like racing. What makes this possible is the new hydraulically-steering damper. Just as it would do on other types of speed monsters, such as snowmobiles and motorcycles, the damper makes the ride smoother without limiting the craft’s responsiveness.

Plus, it’s adjustable, offering three settings that can be adapted to various weather conditions or the rider’s preferences.

And that’s not all. The limited-edition version also comes with a Launch Control feature for an automatic trim process, resulting in improved acceleration and better control. Other standard features include Bluetooth audio and an LCD display that connects to the BRP GO app for route planning (among others), a waterproof smartphone holder, and a generous storage compartment in the front.

It looks great, and it comes with an awesome new feature and cool standards, but what defines the RPX-X Apex 300 is its exclusivity. Those who are willing to part with $20,999 to feel like Ricciardo taking a water ride in Miami only have two weeks to do so. After November 30, the limited-edition RPX-X Apex will no longer be available.


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