The 2023 Sea-Doo RXT-X Shows Other Performance Watercraft Who’s Boss

The 2023 RXT-X is ready to blow the competition out of the water, aiming to be the best performance watercraft. It’s got several assets to back that claim, including the most powerful engine in the Sea-Doo lineup, a smart design, plus advanced connectivity, navigation, and entertainment tech.
The 2023 Sea-Doo RXT-X boasts a powerful 300 HP engine 10 photos
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The monochromatic Sea-Doo RXT-X might look intimidating for other watercraft, and it should. Although it’s loaded with fun, this powerful beast isn’t playing games. Every part of it is designed for adrenaline, adventure, and offshore performance. High speed plus stability and control is the formula for great fun.

The speed part is covered thanks to the powerful Rotax 1630 ACE engine that delivers 300 HP, coupled with Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) technology for optimized efficiency. To handle all that power, the RXT-X is built on the ST3 platform, that’s both reliable and spacious.

It’s also fitted with exclusive X-Sponsons (sponsons are typically hull extensions that make a watercraft more stable) that will make those fun turns even sharper while keeping the rider always in control. When it comes to acceleration, a handlebar-activated launch control makes it smoother, while the Variable Trim System (VTS) helps to adjust the control depending on specific variables, such as water conditions.

Since the RXT-X is all about fun, it also boasts a waterproof, premium audio system, in addition to Bluetooth, USB, and smartphone app integration for navigation and more. A full-color 7.8-inch display helps keep everything in check, even when the ride gets rough.

Performance is also about the rider’s comfort. The new RXT-X allows him or her to have a better grip, thanks to the narrow racing seat. Also, thanks to the modular design, the rear seat can be removed in order to create more space. And let’s not forget the generous front storage area that keeps your stuff safe while you’re showing off your racing skills on the water.

The 2023 RXT-X is available for pre-order, with pricing starting at $18,799.


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