This E-VTOL Looks Like Tesla and Area 51 Worked Together with Alien Technology

Some people on this planet look so far into the future that they even seem crazy. But with each passing day that crazy seems to become more and more a reality we could very soon be facing. If we aren't already.
Tesla Model V Concept 7 photos
Tesla Model V ConceptTesla Model V ConceptTesla Model V ConceptTesla Model V ConceptSD-03SD-03
We have already been facing a massive surge in VTOLs all around the world. The freshest being SkyDrive from Japan. You can see a couple of images in the gallery of what our current future is looking like.

But this Tesla branded design is way past standard designs. It’s called the Tesla Model V concept and paints us a picture of VTOLs that may just be a bit too sci-fi for this planet. But someone did put some time, energy, effort, and thinking into this dream, so let's see why?

This spaceship, because any other name I cannot find for it, is the creation of Tom Abbot-Davies, an industrial designer out of London. The entire project took three years from start to finish but includes no specifications at all as to how fast, how far, or anything like this. But we do have a few hints as to how it works, and even what sort of technologies would be on it.

Tesla Model V Concept
First off, being a design in tune with Tesla ideology, be aware that it is meant to be electric and equipped with a huge lithium ion battery array that takes up the entire rear half of the cockpit.

The design is apparently based on a manta ray’s body shape. If that’s true, then the aliens are earthlier than we would have believed. This shape is supposed offer a high level of aerodynamics and maneuverability when cutting through air. That outer shell is designed with the material titanium in mind. While underneath the e-VTOL, carbon fiber lines the surface.

At the very center of the device lies a cockpit large enough for only one person. But the cockpit is supposed to expand to fit another high-flyer. But to each side of the cockpit we can see two large turbines very similar to those used on airplanes. Each set of fan blades is also composed of titanium and operated by 650KW brushless motors, two in total.

Tesla Model V Concept
At the rear, however, things get a bit out of hand. The designer included only one giant rear motor with 1250KWs of power. This is the main source of propulsion for the system, while the two smaller fan blades offer the vertical takeoff abilities. To the sides of this large fan we find two gimbal motors that help direct the flow of air with full 360-degree directional abilities.

The entire design is based around a magnesium fuselage that also includes retractable landing gear. But a safety feature is also included in the designs. If any one of the motors fails, a DEP (Distributed Electric Propulsion) system takes over and safely lands the aircraft.

Now we aren’t sure for what sort of movie this aircraft may have been crafted for, but if you check out Abbot’s work, you will see that this design could have very well been designated for the next interstellar war movie.


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