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The Tesla Semi Is the Perfect Luxury RV: The Semi-Home Concept
Tesla-based concepts and design ideas are a dime a dozen, and seem to have picked up considerable speed after the 2019 unveiling of the much-derided but still highly anticipated Cybertruck.

The Tesla Semi Is the Perfect Luxury RV: The Semi-Home Concept

The Tesla Semi-Home would be the world's first long-range, all-electric, luxury RVThe Tesla Semi-Home would be the world's first long-range, all-electric, luxury RVThe Tesla Semi-Home would be the world's first long-range, all-electric, luxury RV
This is one of those concepts, but with a twist.

As of the time of press, Tesla makes cars: the S3XY line of personal vehicles, with the upcoming electric pickup the Cybertruck and its supposed companion the Cyberquad. Sure, it also makes shorts, the occasional surfboard, batteries and the usual merchandise, but that’s another story. The plan is to deliver an 18-wheeler too, the all-electric Class 8 Semi.

Tesla has at least a couple of Semi prototypes and it’s been duly testing them all over the U.S., ahead of the planned 2021 release. With an impressive range and the ability to keep functioning even in case of a motor malfunction because it can run on just two of the motors, the Semi is hailed as the future of freight transportation.

It could also be the future of RVs, breathing new, sustainable life into #vanlife. At least, that’s the idea from a U.S. company named Vanlifer, which makes motorhomes for customers from all over the world.

October is spooky month for most U.S. residents but, on autoevolution, we’re hosting a virtual party under the Tesla Month name. The Tesla Semi-Home concept fits right in.

Introduced last summer, the Semi-Home is a campervan or an RV based on the Tesla Semi. Vanlifer notes that they could build it for Tesla ahead of the introduction of the Semi, in what sounds very much like an invitation to think outside of the (freight-shipping) box, to expand into vanlife. One big advantage for Tesla would be that little modification would have to be made to the Semi other than the addition of a composite structure to the Semi’s back and adding a window to the sloped roof.

The Semi-Home would be “the world’s first long-range all-electric motorhome or RV” with accommodation for up to six people. Just perfect for larger families or even two smaller ones, eager to hit the road in uncompromising luxury.

Based on the sketch released by Vanlifer, the Semi-Home would get a bed over the cab (hence the addition of the window to the roof), another bed in the back and then seating that could fold out to sleep two more people. Also in the back, there would be living space, a fully-stocked kitchen with a dining area, and a bathroom.

Perhaps more important than decent accommodation, the Semi-Home would offer stress-free travels of up to 500 miles (805 km). Running appliances on the Semi’s battery back would be no problem, and of course, the range could be increased with solar panels.

“Tesla also claims the Semi will have a max tow weight of 80,000 (36 tonnes) - which is more than enough for a motorhome on the back,” Vanlifer notes. “And lastly, the Tesla Semi only costs $180,000 - which really isn’t much for a luxury, high-end motorhome, especially when you take into account the phenomenal fuel savings.”

The central driving position is incredibly comfortable and Autopilot would allow the driver to take in the beautiful scenery, while everyone else hangs out in the back, the company adds. In short, the Semi is the perfect basis for an RV. It’s a wonder Elon Musk himself didn’t think of it.

Then, there’s this: “So far this is a concept, but we are working on creating an accurate 3D model which will be used for quoting to see if this is a viable project. Of course, we'll only know for sure once the Tesla Semi is launched whether it's something that could ever go ahead – but we're hopeful.”

Fingers crossed?


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