This Android Auto and CarPlay Wireless Adapter Lets You Stream Videos to Your Car

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The new adapterThe new adapterThe new adapterThe new adapterThe new adapter
Let's be honest about it: Android Auto and CarPlay adapters have been around for many years, but AAWireless pushed this product category to a new level, making the conversion from cables to wireless as easy as 1-2-3.
AAWireless also brought this approach to the Android Auto world, paving the way for a new type of device that has since become incredibly popular.

As an Android Auto wireless user – though I don't use an adapter because my car shipped with wireless support out of the box, the benefits of ditching cables are obvious. In addition to the extra convenience, which users get thanks to no longer keeping cables inside the cabin, the wireless connection also offers improved stability and reliability. Cables are often the culprits behind major connection problems, and I'm certain Android Auto users are already familiar with what I mean.

A new device that recently landed on Indiegogo for crowdsourcing support proposes a mix of features that significantly upgrade the infotainment capabilities in your car.

The new adapter
Photo: Indiegogo
Called Otox, the adapter offers support for Android Auto and CarPlay and promises one extra that Apple users will love. It offers AirPlay integration, meaning that users can stream videos, photos, and games to the infotainment screen in the cabin. With AirPlay, users can also mirror the iPhone to the dashboard display, so they can stream any app to the car, including software not supported by Android Auto and CarPlay.

Like most Android Auto and CarPlay wireless adapters, Otox connects to your car using the USB port you typically use to run these two apps with a cable. Once the connection between the adapter and the vehicle is established, you must pair it with your mobile device via Bluetooth. Android Auto and CarPlay (according to your mobile operating system) can run wirelessly in your car when everything is ready.

Otox can remain plugged in permanently, so the next time you start the engine, the connection to the vehicle and the mobile phone is re-established automatically. Android Auto and CarPlay should start automatically so you can leave the phone in your pocket or backpack.

The new adapter
Photo: Indiegogo
Otox also integrates a physical button that allows users to toggle between paired devices. For example, if your wife has an Android device and you use an iPhone, you don't have to reset the adapter every time you start the engine. You can pair the adapter with both phones once and switch between profiles using the dedicated button.

The bonus feature is the AirPlay integration. With AirPlay, Apple users can stream content to the infotainment display, including apps not supported by Android Auto and CarPlay. For example, the demo video shows TikTok streamed to the car screen, so you can enjoy more content that wouldn't otherwise be available in the cabin. I only hope drivers will use this feature responsibly, as it doesn't look like Otox comes with driving restrictions to block screen mirroring when the vehicle is in motion.

Otox landed on Indiegogo not long ago, but with less than two days remaining until the campaign ends, it looks like the device won't reach its $20K funding goal. The project received only half the budget to enter mass production, with the parent company claiming it wanted to build the first units next month.

Meanwhile, you can secure the Super Early Bird package with a $149 donation. The package includes the adapter and two cables (USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A so that you can use the device in most cars on the road, regardless of the USB port). The most expensive package costs $639 and includes four separate adapters. It includes a 23% discount, though I don't see a reason why someone would get this package, considering the price per device is $160 – bigger than what customers would have to pay for the standard package.

The new adapter
Photo: Indiegogo
The competition in the Android Auto and CarPlay wireless adapter is getting more intense, especially as more companies enter the battle. AAWireless will also get CarPlay support when the second-generation model becomes available. The parent company has already added CarPlay integration in beta on certain models, but once the new device launches, Apple users will be able to convert a wired connection into wireless without the need to install other software.

Motorola is also a key player in the Android Auto wireless adapter market, though the company doesn't seem interested in joining the CarPlay world. Motorola's device launched with Google's involvement, so it's not difficult to see why the company won't explore Apple's world. It's also unclear if Motorola is working on a second-generation Android Auto wireless adapter.

If the Otox campaign succeeds, which seems unlikely considering the campaign is only at 50%, and the donation books will close in 40 hours, the first units should land in the hands of backers in July this year.
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