Black Friday 2023: Best Early Deals for Android Auto Adapters, CarPlay Receivers, Dashcams

Update 11/24/2023: It's live! The Black Friday sale has officially started, so in addition to all the big discounts you can find below, you should also check out other top deals for Android Auto and CarPlay adapters, dash cams, and GPS navigators.
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As always, you must hurry up because these devices are in hot demand.

Update 11/23/2023: We have some pretty great deals for dash cams fresh out of the Black Friday oven.

First, Vantrue N4, a setup that includes fron, rear, and cabin cameras, received a major 37% discount this Black Friday. It means the device can be yours for $181.99, down from $289.99. The offer is amazing, as it provides you with a complete setup that records everything happening inside and outside at impressive quality.

The Thinkware U1000 dash cam is also on sale with a dual setup. the package includes a 4K front camera and a 2K rear camera with high-resolution footage powered by a Sony sensor. The 30% discount means you can get the dash cam for $349.99, down from $499.99.

Update 11/21/2023: The discount party continues, so we start the day with a great deal for one of the most popular dashcams around.

VIOFO cut the price of the A119 V3 (the latest version of the A119) from $119.99 to $79.90 (33% off). The device comes with 2K support, 140-degree angle and GPS support to indicate the location of every recording.

If your car comes with wired CarPlay and want to convert it to wireless, now's the best time to do it. The famous Carlinkit (version 5.0) is now on sale, and it can be yours for $58.49, down from $79.99. Additionally, the world's first Android Auto wireless adapter, AAWireless, just hit its lowest price ever. It's now 33% off, so it costs just $55.99.

Update 11/19/2023: We're back with some great new deals as part of the early Black Friday party, as Garmin joined the fun with major discounts for some of its most popular GPS navigators.

Garmin DriveSmart 66, a 6-inch device with support for Garmin Voice Assist, built-in Alexa control, and driver alerts for things like school zones, is available now for $199.99. This is a 20% discount, down from $249.99.

A cheaper GPS navigator also getting an important discount this year is the Garmin Drive 53. It sports a 5-inch display with TripAdvisor integration and support for map updates in North America. You can get this unit for $149.99 instead of the full $169.99 price.

If you own an RV and are looking for an advanced GPS navigator, the RV 795 is now available for just $349.99, down from $449.99. The device sports a 7-inch screen, satellite imagery, a rich collection of RV parks and serves, live traffic, and weather info.

Truck drivers are getting their own share of discounts, beginning with the dezl OTR610. The 6-inch unit sports satellite imagery, the essential navigation package with support for vehicle dimensions and cargo size, and a directory of truck and trailer services. The device is down 29%, so it costs $249.99.

The dezl OTR710, which comes with the same feature package but a 7-inch screen, received a 22% discount, so it's available today for $349.

Update 11/18/2023: Black Friday early deals continue, so it's time for a series of new offers that you can enjoy right now.

Belkin has a special deal for BoostCharge Pro Wireless, a device that offers MagSafe support and can be installed in any air vent. The device is available today for $90.99, down from $99.99.

Vantrue also offers awesome deals for two dash cams. The N4, which includes a front and a rear camera, with 1440p support, costs $181.99, down from $289.99. The E1, a budget-friendly dash cam that also offers 24-hour parking monitoring, can be yours as part of the Black Friday sale for $99.98. The device otherwise costs $149.99.
It's that time again, folks. Amazon has started its Black Friday sale with a very intriguing lineup of discounts, and I'm here to highlight the best offers aimed at car aficionados.

As it happens on every sale, we're getting plenty of discounts for vehicle owners, beginning with Android Auto adapters and ending with accessories like phone chargers. After all, everybody has a phone, and the iPhone 15 taught us that having the right wireless charging gear is critical.

It'll start with everybody's favorite Android Auto adapters, both of which can be had with a discount this week.

Android Auto adapters

Motorola's MA1 wireless Android Auto adapter, which Google itself backed, now carries a price tag of $84.99, down from its typical $89.99 price tag. It's not a hefty cut, but considering it's one of the best adapters on the market, every dollar counts.

AAWireless, the device that pioneered this product category, can be yours for $69.99 on Amazon. AAWireeless is currently the number one device in the Android Auto dongle world, allowing users to transform a wired connection into wireless. Most recently, AAWireless also received CarPlay support in the beta stage, so it's a matter of time until it can turn wired into wireless for Apple users.

Garmin Drive 52 navigator
Photo: Garmin

Dash cams at special prices

I'm not particularly happy to say this, but dash cams have become a must-have accessory for drivers, especially given the road rage happening worldwide. A dash cam is a handy companion that helps with everything, including insurance when the worst happens. And unfortunately, it does happen.

Garmin discounted the Dash Cam Mini 2, cutting the price by 23 percent on this Black Friday. The tiny camera, which offers 1080p video quality and a 140-degree field of view, can be yours for $99.99 for a limited time. It comes with several extras, including voice control, remote access, and monitoring when the vehicle is parked.

70mai, a very popular brand whose products offer great value for the money, offers a 36% discount for the A500S model, which comes with a 2-inch LCD screen, Wi-Fi support, and integrated GPS. The device costs $50.99, down from $79.99. The upgraded A800S, which offers a 3-inch screen, parking mode monitoring, mobile app control, and Sony's IMX415 sensor for improved video quality, is available with a 29% discount, so it costs only $99.99. When the Black Friday sale ends, it'll return to the typical $139.99 price.

Kenwood CarPlay receiver
Photo: Kenwood

Special prices on GPS navigators

If Google Maps and Waze aren't your favorite cup of tea and you would rather stick with a traditional GPS navigator, Garmin joined the Black Friday fun with a special price for the Garmin Drive 52. It's a small entry-level navigator typically carrying a $129.99 price tag. It offers a great basic experience if you're not interested in all the bells and whistles of modern navigators, so it sports a 5-inch screen, Garmin Traffic with a paired phone, and TripAdvisor integration. It's available today for $89.99.

Phone accessories received price cuts, too, and Anker is the company that offers a cheap USB-C car charger with 40W speeds. I specifically picked this charger because USB-C has become such a struggle lately with the debut of the iPhone 15, so if you're looking for a good charger, this model with two USB-C ports is the right choice. It sports a 20% discount and costs only $13.59 today.

OnePlus offers its Supervooc 80W charger with a 30% discount, so the device costs $27.99. You'll get one UBS-A and one USB-C port, but its main selling point is the charging speed.

If you're in the market for a head unit upgrade, the big guys joined the party with very intriguing discounts.

Alpine Halo receiver
Photo: Alpine

CarPlay head units

First, Pioneer cut the price of the AVH-1400NEX model by 37%, so it now costs $299 instead of the regular $472. The device sports a 6.2-inch touch-capable screen with CarPlay support and a double-DIN design. It's one of the best devices, delivering excellent value for the money for people who aren't necessarily interested in a premium upgrade.

If you're here for the best of the best, Alpine has also discounted the super-expensive Halo11 iLX-F411. The head unit offers an 11-inch floating display and integrates Android Auto and CarPlay support. It uses a 1-DIN design, but thanks to its floating screen, it can be installed in nearly every car model. It also boasts several extras, including support for parking cameras, with a $799 price tag, down from $899..

Kenwood has a special deal for the DMX4707S receiver with Android Auto and CarPlay support. The 6.8-inch unit hit the lowest price on Amazon in the last 30 days, costing $249 instead of the regular $319. It also works with a rear camera, and thanks to the Android USB mirroring, you can access your apps from the smartphone without running Android Auto.

Last but not least, Kenwood also discounted the DMX7709S. It comes with a 6.8-inch screen, Android Auto and CarPlay support, a USB port to listen to your favorite tunes, and a double-DIN design to fit most cars on the road. Its Black Friday price is $329.

Nobody likes flat tires, and fortunately, AstroAI joined the Black Friday sale with a 29% discount for its tire inflator with 12V power input. It comes with an LCD screen, 100 PSI power, an LED light, and an auto shutdown mode at just $31.99, down from $44.99.
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