Black Friday 2023: Top Deals for Android Auto and CarPlay Users, Android Phones, GPS Units

Amazon kicked off the early Black Friday sale party a week ago with great deals for a wide variety of products, including Android Auto wireless adapters, GPS navigators, and dash cams.
The Black Friday 2023 sale is live 7 photos
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Black Friday 2023 saleBlack Friday 2023 saleBlack Friday 2023 saleBlack Friday 2023 saleBlack Friday 2023 saleBlack Friday 2023 sale
The time has come for the full Black Friday promo to kick off, and all these categories have received even bigger discounts, including for the most popular devices already in hot demand throughout the year.

Let's not waste any more seconds and introduce you to the first category getting massive cuts as part of the Black Friday 2023 sale.

Android Auto wireless adapters

Black Friday 2023 sale
Photo: Amazon
AAWireless is the device that started it all, and unsurprisingly, it's included in the Black Friday sale too. The device, which typically carries a $79.99 price tag, received a 30% discount, so it can be yours today for $55.99. It's the lowest price since launch, so if you want to convert the wired connection into wireless, you probably won't get a better price anytime soon.

Motorola's MA1 is one of the top AAWireless alternatives, with a premium design and similar features. It connects to the USB port of the vehicle and wirelessly to your phone via Bluetooth, converting a wired Android Auto connection into a no-cord experience. It's available for $64.99 thanks to a 28% discount, down from its typical $89.99 price.

Ottocast is a company whose products rapidly gain traction in this expanding product category, though customers claim they don't offer the same reliability as AAWireless and MA1. The company's wireless Android Auto adapter, which uses the same concept as its more famous competitors, dropped from $109.99 to $69 in this year's Black Friday sale.

DriveLink is one of the cheapest wireless Android Auto adapters on the market. If you don't mind a lower build quality and occasional hiccups, you can get the device with a 28% discount, as its price dropped from $39.99 to $28.79.

Android phones to go with your new wireless Android Auto adapter

Black Friday 2023 sale
Photo: Amazon
Android Auto users have been trying to find the right Android phone to run the app in their cars for many years. While there's no such thing as a flawless configuration, Black Friday 2023 brings big price cuts for some of the top Android devices on the market.

Google's Pixel should offer a more reliable experience, considering it's a Google smartphone running a Google app. The Pixel 8, the company's latest-generation model, can be yours for $549, down 21% from the regular $699 price tag. If you want the upgraded version, the Pixel 8 Pro received a 20% price cut, so it can be yours if you agree to pay $799 (down from $999).

Spending a fortune on a smartphone isn't everybody's cup of tea, but fortunately, the Pixel 7a is still around as a budget-friendly model. It features previous-generation specifications, including an older and slower chip, but it's the right choice for people not interested in the latest and greatest technology. It received a 25% discount, costing $374 instead of $499.

Samsung couldn't stay away from the Black Friday 2023 fun, so it joined the party with one of its top devices. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, a flagship sporting a 6.8-inch OLED display, a quad-camera setup, and support for a stylus, received a 25% discount. It's usually priced at $1,199 for the base version but now costs $899.

All these devices should run Android Auto flawlessly, and if you get an adapter, you can forget about the cables in your car.

CarPlay adapters

Black Friday 2023 sale
Photo: Amazon
Android Auto users have many ways to convert a wired connection into wireless, but this product category is also gaining traction on CarPlay.

Ottocast offers two adapters with big discounts. The U2-Air costs $68 (down 38%), while the U2-X Pro price dropped 27% to cost $109 instead of $149. The only difference is that the Pro model also supports Android Auto.

Carlinkit, the device that already conquered the CarPlay world, costs just $60.88 this Black Friday, as its price dropped 42% for a limited time.

GPS navigators

Black Friday 2023 sale
Photo: Amazon
Garmin is one of the few remaining companies still investing in GPS navigators, as most other big names abandoned this product category due to the growing popularity of mobile navigation apps.

Garmin discounted four GPS navigators this year, including the entry-level Drive 52. If you don't want the company's latest bells and whistles, the Garmin Drive 52 is a good choice, as it offers simple turn-by-turn navigation on a 5-inch display. It can be yours today for $89.99, down 31% from $129.99.

Garmin Drive 53, the upgraded model with a 5-inch touchscreen, comes with a similar feature package, so its price tag isn't much different. You can get it for $129.99, down from its regular $149.99.

If you want more features, Garmin also discounted the DriveSmart 76. The device sports a 7-inch screen with driver alerts, built-in Alexa, vice assist, and many other features at only $259.99. It's a big 16% discount from $309.99.

The dezlCam OTR710 is the best GPS navigator from Garmin on sale this Black Friday. It's a 7-inch GPS navigator with automatic incident detection, custom truck routing, and an integrated route planner, but the real magic resides in the integrated dash cam. The device can also record what happens on the road ahead, letting you access the footage with a connected mobile phone through the dedicated dezl app. Garmin offers a 17% discount on this model, so you'll have to spend only $499.99 instead of $599.99.

Dash cams

Black Friday 2023 sale
Photo: Amazon
Garmin's top GPS navigator is a great way to introduce the next product category: dash cams.

Garmin also offers big cuts on several dash cams, starting with the Mini 2, which offers a 140-degree FOV in a very small form factor. It's not a premium camera, though it serves its purpose right, but you might end up struggling in low-light conditions. It can be yours for $99.99, down 23% from the regular $129.99 price tag.

The Dash Cam 47 from Garmin is the device you need if you're interested in remote access from your home. The dash cam monitors the vehicle's surroundings 24/7, so you can connect with the Garmin Drive app and see images in real-time. It received an 18% discount to cost $139.99 instead of $169.99.

70mai entered the Black Friday sale with three models. The entry-level 70mai Lite, which offers great value for the money without excelling in a certain category, is available for just $31.99 (54% off), while the A500S received a 21% discount to cost $69.99. It packs a Sony sensor for upgraded video quality, but the most important thing is that the offer includes front and rear cameras for full monitoring.

This year, the A800S is the top offering with a Sony IMX415 sensor, Super Night Vision support, and a 3-inch LCD screen. The device also comes with front and rear cameras and supports remote control via a mobile app. It offers 4K recordings, so the daytime footage is fantastic. The price dropped 29%, so the device costs $99.99 for a limited time.

VIOFO A119 V3 is already a famous product, offering high-resolution recording in a small package. Its price dropped 33%, so you no longer have to pay $119.99 for 1440p recordings and a 140-degree FOV, but only $79.90.

Nexar offers a massive discount, too. Nexar One, a 4K setup that includes front and rear cameras with all kinds of extras, such as remote streaming (available with a subscription), live alerts a la Waze, post-collision reports that you can use for insurance, and an OBD kit for convenient charging. The price cut is massive, dropping from $529 to $440.97.
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