Black Friday 2023: Best Early Deals for Motorcycle Gear and Accessories

Black Friday 2023: Best Early Deals for Motorcycle Gear and Accessories 5 photos
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Herobiker full body armorFodsports Bluetooth intercomFavoto motorcycle coverGrand Pitstop repair kit
Everybody loves a great deal, and this period of the year is one of the best for getting sweet price cuts. This year, Amazon extended its Black Friday period between the 17th and 27th of November, offering us plenty of time to hunt the best deals. After sifting through all the early deals for motorcycle-related stuff, I compiled a list with the most notable ones.
To make things easier for you, I divided all I could find into two categories: "For the Rider" and "For the Motorcycle." Keep in mind some of the accessories you'll see here have price cuts exclusive to Prime members. Let's kick things off.

For The Rider

Just like I explained in one of my recent articles, where I gave some tips and tricks for winter motorcycle riding, you must always wear the right gear. So, here are some of the best deals I found for protective elements.

First off, we have the Herobiker full body armor, which comes with high-density wear-resistant armor, removable pads, and a foam plastic shell. It's suitable for riding in hotter weather, as it's made out of Lycra and mesh fabric. It protects your back, shoulders, elbows, forearms, and chest. This gear is currently priced at $47.2 from $59, meaning you get a 20% discount provided you have a Prime subscription.

Herobiker full body armor
Photo: Amazon
I always wear a balaclava when riding my motorcycle to protect my face from the cold and even to prevent sweat from getting in my helmet during hotter days. The Yeslife balaclava is currently discounted by 38%, with a final price of $6.2.

With winter here, you'll need a proper pair of gloves. One option is the Borleni winter gloves, providing waterproof and windproof protection for just $26.6, reduced from $36. They feature carbon fiber knuckle protectors on the back and anti-slip patches on the palm side. They can also be used with all touchscreen devices.

Although we enjoy hearing the exhaust's roar, it can sometimes get tiring. If you want to protect your ears in the long run, take a look at the Softvox ear plugs, which offer professional-grade hearing protection and wind noise reduction. The manufacturer claims it's suitable for around 100 uses, all for $14.4 with a Prime subscription.

Although there are many premium accessories options that enable you to communicate with fellow riders or listen to music, the Fodsports Bluetooth intercom costs just $126 (with a Prime subscription), and you get two units. They work at a distance of up to 1,243 miles (2,000 meters). You can use them for a group call and connect two units to listen to the same music. Moreover, its battery will last around 20 hours.

Fodsports Bluetooth intercom
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One of the struggles with some motorcycles is that you don't have enough storage space. Backpacks are the most popular solution, but getting one specifically designed for riding is the best option. For instance, the Weplan backpack is waterproof and can fit many things inside, even helmets. What's more, it has a reflective strip design to ensure proper visibility.

For The Motorcycle

Whether you want to park your motorcycle for the winter or simply don't want it to be exposed to all the weather elements, your best bet (when you don't have a garage) is to use a motorcycle cover. The Favoto motorcycle cover is built from 210D Oxford fabric and comes with two air vents on each side, two windproof buckles, and three reflection stripes. It currently has quite a considerable discount of 50%, priced at $18.

Favoto motorcycle cover
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One of the significant issues when leaving your motorbike unused for a longer time is that the battery dies. The Foval battery charger is suitable for all 12 V lead-acid, flooded, or sealed maintenance-free batteries, offering a 4-step charging program. It's sold as a two-pack for $32 (exclusive Prime price) and can also be used for ATVs, RVs, boats, and more, so you can surely find some use for the extra unit you get.

If you're looking to protect your bike, one option is the wsdcam motorcycle alarm – it boasts an IP55 waterproof rating and a vibration alarm with seven sensitivity levels. Furthermore, it comes with a remote. You'll have to empty $14.4 for it, reduced from $18.

Tire maintenance is critical when it comes to motorcycles. One useful tool is a portable air compressor. The AstroAI tire inflator features a durable and compact design, enabling you to inflate your tires in mere minutes. It currently boasts a 43% discount to $25.6.

Getting a flat when riding can be a frustrating experience if you're not prepared for it. While a tire inflator is helpful, a repair kit such as the Grand Pitstop allows you to seal punctures from the inside of the tire quickly. This compact product features a set of folding pliers and plugs, with the possibility of purchasing extra ones if needed. The pliers and 21 plugs package is currently offered for $36, reduced from $45.

Grand Pitstop repair kit
Photo: Amazon
Although it's best you check tire pressure as often as possible, you can eliminate this hassle by getting your hands on a tire pressure monitoring system. For instance, the leepee system has two wireless sensors that can be mounted on your tire. It has iOS and Android connectivity, meaning you can connect via Bluetooth, and the system will let you know if your tire pressure has dropped. It currently costs $29.6, discounted from $37.

Besides the backpack I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of options for additional storage on your motorbike. One example is the Rhinowalk tail bag, which provides 26L of storage. It has a sturdy frame design and a four-point mounting system to ensure it doesn't fly off while riding. What's more, it can be used as a duffel bag and comes with a rain cover. It's priced at $88, a 20% discount from the former $110.

Although some new motorcycle models allow you to charge your phone, older ones lack this very useful feature. Luckily, you can easily install an aftermarket one, such as the ExtractMe USB charger. It's equipped with a 24 W USB-A dual port that supports quick charging. It can be installed on the handlebar or screwed in elsewhere. It ensures safe charging via many protections, automatically adjusts the voltage for your device, and comes with an independent On/Off switch.

And lastly, I have another accessory meant for older motorcycles. The cruise control/ throttle lock from Estorxile – it's made from lightweight aluminum alloy and relies on the brake lever to keep the throttle open. Furthermore, it doesn't require any tool to install and can be adjusted. It's currently priced at $8 (exclusive Prime price), reduced from $9.7.
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