Black Friday 2023: Best Early Deals for Dedicated Tesla Accessories (Updated 11/23/2023)

This year, Amazon decided to extend the Black Friday deal period between the 17th and 27th of November, giving us more time to find the best deals. Here are some of the best Black Friday early deals for dedicated Tesla accessories.
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Seguma J1772 to NACS adapterAutoBot J1772 to NACS adapterArozk CCS Type 1 to NACS adapterVivohome CCS Type 1 to NACS adapterVIVSEPUM Car windshield sun shadePanoyu dashboard protectionMUHMU SunshadeTECOOM Tesla Model 3 coverTAECHU Car Docking StationBiorunn USB hubUxcer neon lights for Tesla Model 3/YLISEN Tesla Phone MountTopfit Center Console Organizer TrayTopfit Under Seater Storage BoxXINTUO Console Organizer KitTopfit Instrument Panel Tray OrganizerCarbonic CCS1 to Tesla Adapter and J1772 to Tesla Adapter BundleNestour neon lightsHansshow Power Frunk KitMuray Creative license plate holder
Update 11/23/2023: New deals added

If you need a stable phone mount for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, Moncro offers one that attaches to the center display. It's compatible with MagSafe but can be used with any phone, thanks to the included magnetic discs. Discounted by 28%, this mount is only $19.

A Tesla-branded vacuum cleaner will always look good in your car, but the cordless one offered by Coslake does more than look good. It has an advertised 16 kPA of suction power and comes with a digital display to show the battery level and the suction mode. It also features an LED light to help you see in the dark areas of your Tesla. You can have it for Black Friday at $56, thanks to a 20% discount.

A center console organizer is a smart thing to have in your Tesla, and the one from Dataxeen includes four pieces for the cup holder, armrest tray, insert compartment tray and secret compartment tray. The 35% discount means you can get this organizer package for $19,49.

Muray Creative offers the best solution for Tesla Model Y owners in states that require a front license plate. The lockable license plate attaches to the lower grille of your Tesla with a clever system that doesn't need drills or screws. The anti-theft design features a lock and key system that still allows fast installation ande removal. You can have it now for $50, thanks to the 29% discount.

Muray Creative license plate holder
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Update 11/22/2023:

This is the best deal on a highly-rated Autel wall charger. It's hardwired, so you don't need to worry about overloading your house receptacles, and it can deliver up to 50 amps to your Tesla. With a 34% discount, you can get it at $398.

Although many don't agree, having a second screen behind the steering wheel can be helpful. Novozopai offers one for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, allowing you to use it as an instrument panel or infotainment secondary display. It even supports Apple CarPlay wirelessly and syncs with the information on the center screen in your Tesla. It's now $218, 22% down from the $279 original price.

Panoramic glass roofs look great but can be annoying during hot summer days. OtriFowd offers a retractable sunshade for the Model Y, providing UV protection and heat resistance. It's not cheap, but the 20% Black Friday discount makes it more affordable, at $400.

Hansshow offers a powered frunk kit for the Tesla Model 3 (2021-2023), which allows you to open and close the frunk from the center screen of your Tesla, the mobile app, the frunk button, or the original car key switch. The system features a pinch-detection mechanism that automatically stops operation when detecting an obstacle. Amazon Prime members can have it at a 24% discount for $424 these days.

Hansshow Power Frunk Kit
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Update 11/21/2023:

Lifting jack pads are a must for every Tesla owner, helping protect the sensitive battery pack. This pack from SUMK has been specifically designed for Tesla's S3XY lineup, although the producer warns that it's not for the Austin-made Tesla Model Y. Price is $21 after a 58% discount.

Teszone offers a swivel mount kit for the Model 3 and Model Y's center screen. It allows you to rotate the screen in four directions with a 15-degree up-down movement and 30 degrees left and right. It's easy to install without damaging the original setup. You can get it for Black Friday from $65, 28% down from the regular price.

If you own a Tesla and another EV brand, having a J1772+NACS charger is very convenient. Tera offers its Level 1+2 EV charger with an integrated NACS adapter. It can output up to 32 amps and 240 volts, thanks to the NEMA 14-50 and 5-15 plugs, and has a 25-ft cable with a holder. Thanks to a 41% Black Friday discount, you can get it for $159.

Neon Lights are increasingly popular among Tesla owners, and Nestour obliged. This ambient lighting kit covers the center console, dashboard, front seats, and footwells and is custom-made for the Model 3 and Model Y cabins. Get it for $77, after a 20% Black Friday discount.

Nestour neon lights
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Update 11/20/2023:

Tesla Model Y owners need to consider this highly-rated Floor Mat set from Basenor. Made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), it features six pieces for the frunk, the trunk, the front mats, the second-row mat, and the rear well mat. It's now available for $161 instead of $250, a nice 35% discount over the regular price.

If you're not a fan of magnetic phone holders, Ainope has a six-hook-clip gravity holder designed for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. It hooks on the air vents of your Tesla, providing safe and stable support. The best part is that you can use it with one hand; just slide in and go or take your phone out with only two fingers. The Black Friday price is $24, after a 40% discount.

In addition to the organizer set below, Xintuo offers a more affordable kit. It includes a center console tray, armrest storage box tray, armrest hidden storage box, and a cup holder, as well as a laptop camera cover slide to protect your privacy. You can get it for $29, down from $40 (28% discount).

If you plan to use third-party chargers during your road trips, this combo from Carbonic includes a CCS1 to Tesla and a J1772 to Tesla adapter. The former can be used at DC fast chargers, supporting up to 250 kW of power. The J1772 adapter works with most Level-1 and Level-2 chargers. The Black Friday price is $100, 38% down from the $160 regular price.

Carbonic CCS1 to Tesla Adapter and J1772 to Tesla Adapter Bundle
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Original article:

As everyone eagerly awaited Black Friday to find the best deals on the products they craved all year, Amazon surprised everyone. The retail juggernaut extended the deal period from November 17 until Cyber Monday on November 27. This leaves us more room to search for the best deals, with thousands of products offered at a significant discount.

We dedicate this article to Tesla owners, which makes things a tad more complicated because the best-selling EVs in North America are packed with features that make shopping for accessories redundant. We're not going to recommend, say, dashboard cameras or power generators because a Tesla has them already built-in. Still, Tesla owners love good deals just as much as anybody else, so we've selected accessories custom-made for Tesla EVs across four popular categories.

Charge adapters

Vivohome CCS Type 1 to NACS adapter
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Although Tesla owns the largest and best charging network in the world, Tesla owners still need third-party charging. This happens when traveling in areas without a Supercharger presence or during road trips when the destination charger is not fitted with a NACS plug. Carrying a charge adapter makes sense for these cases, especially as they are small and inexpensive.

If you're looking for a J1772 to NACS adapter, the one offered by Seguma can be a good choice. It can deliver up to 80 amps/240 volts AC to your Tesla, which is more than most Level-2 chargers are capable of. The adapter is 42% off during the Black Friday deal period, or $35 instead of the regular $60. You can get it even cheaper by applying a 30% coupon at checkout.

AutoBot offers another good option for a J1772 to NACS adapter, which can also transfer 80 amps to your Tesla. The discount might only be 30%, but the end price ($20) is even more affordable.

Sometimes, you must charge your Tesla to a third-party DC fast-charging station, usually fitted with a CCS Type 1 connector. In this case, a CCS1 to NACS adapter comes in handy. Although Tesla offers one in its shop for $175, you can also use third-party adapters, which are more affordable.

Arozk offers a CCS to NACS adapter capable of outputting up to 200 kW of power and is rated for 400 amps. The price is $69 during this period, a 50% discount over the $139 regular price. It comes with an antitheft lock and a protective case. Vivohome offers another excellent option for $60, with a maximum power of 250 kW. Both adapters come with carrying cases.


TECOOM Tesla Model 3 cover
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Although winter is just around the corner, wise people use Black Friday to buy their summer accessories at a discount. The Vivsepum sun shade umbrella is a foldable windshield sun protection that blocks UV rays and protects from heat. It's only $10 these days, a 38% discount compared to the regular price ($16).

Panoyu offers a similar solution, but for the dashboard. The silicone dash cover fits Tesla Model 3 and Model Y and is resistant to heat and UV rays. It's also low-glare, helping eliminate glare when driving in the sunshine. Get it now at half the original price or $18.

Given the Tesla glass roofs, you may want to use a special cover to keep the sun out during hot summer days. The Muhmu sun shade is designed specifically for the Tesla Model Y's glass roof, providing heat and UV protection for $48.

Tecoom sells an all-weather car cover for the Tesla Model 3 to protect it from the elements. The cover is waterproof and comes with a charge port, trunk opening, and a zipper door. You can get it these days for $74, representing a 20% discount over the $92 regular price.


Uxcer neon lights for Tesla Model 3/Y
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You can never have too many USB ports in a car, so buying a USB hub is worth it. Your Tesla Model 3/Y has two USB-C ports in the center console, which the TAECHU docking station can double. The device offers two USB-A and two USB-C ports, one supporting the 27-watt Power Delivery fast charging standard. The price starts at $23 with a 30% discount, although there's also a 5% coupon.

Another USB hub for the Model 3/Y ditches the lighting while keeping the same dual USB-A and USB-C layout. All USB ports support data transfer, while one USB-C port also offers 27-wat PD support. The price is only $13.49, down from $26,99, a 50% discount.

Since the refreshed Model 3 launched in China and Europe, ambient lighting has become a popular accessory for many Tesla owners. Uxcer offers neon lights for the Model Y and legacy Model 3 with remote and app control for $28, a 20% discount over the regular price of $35.

The Lisen phone holder is designed for MagSafe phones and cases but can be used with any phone as it comes with two freebie metal rings. The holder attaches to the Model 3/Y's air vent without adhesives. The price has been reduced by 25% to $30 for Black Friday.


Topfit Center Console Organizer Tray
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Although the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 provide enough space in the center console, it can never be too much. Topfit sells an organizer that attaches under the center screen, providing convenient support for your smartphone and other objects. It's easy to install and only costs $30, down 25% from the original price.

The Topfit under-seat storage box uses the space beneath the seats of the Tesla Model 3/Y, and it doesn't need tools to install. Just place it under the seat and use it to store things without worrying they will roll around. It is well worth it for $32 (a 20% discount).

Xintuo offers a center console organizer kit with a center console hidden tray, a center console tray, an armrest organizer box, a cup holder, and one armrest cover. The bundle is now offered with 1 33% discount for $33.49.

Topfit sells an instrument panel tray to keep various objects within reach. It also has an integrated phone holder, which is great because you can place it behind the steering wheel. It's designed to fit the Model Y and Model 3, and at $20 (down from $26), it's also light on the budget.
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