This 1992 Ferrari F40's Mesmerizing Detailing Process Starts With Dry Ice Cleaning

1992 Ferrari F40 10 photos
Photo: I AM Detailing on YouTube
Dry Ice Cleaning ProcessDry Ice Cleaning ProcessDry Ice Cleaning ProcessDry Ice Cleaning ProcessDry Ice Cleaning ProcessDry Ice Cleaning ProcessClean 1992 Ferrari F40Clean 1992 Ferrari F40Dry Ice Cleaning Process
Ferrari is undoubtedly one of the most important automakers globally. It has given us so many fascinating cars. The Italian brand practically creates unforgettable stories on wheels. So, when an F40 arrives for a full detail, you already know that it is time to just admire the whole thing and immerse yourself in the moment.
For many people around the world, the era of pop-up headlights is the one they miss the most. It’s not just about cool and creative automotive design, but it represents a period when automakers tried almost everything to gain some market share whilst dealing with many complex challenges. As often happens in life, some models flopped. But those projects that succeeded are now gaining legendary status. And it was about time that the ‘90s started to make themselves properly felt. The sentimental longing for the past is now starting to creep on those among us that are slowly turning 30 or more.

So, should you prepare for your midlife crisis and start putting away more money that might be enough in a decade or so for a Ferrari that might have grazed your bedroom walls when you were a lot younger? We’ll let you answer that yourself. But looking at this 1992 Ferrari F40, one could suddenly become inspired to take some action about putting the finances in order.

Created to mark Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, the F40 became a hit in no time. A mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car with Pininfarina styling and limited release was poised for greatness right from the get-go. Now, after more than 30 years, the two-door marvel is one of the most revered cars among enthusiasts of any kind, not just Ferrari fans.

Given its current status, it’s interesting to see that someone dares to start the detailing process with dry ice cleaning. While it’s not dangerous, this way of removing nasty bits from various areas must be done with care. It is, however, one ingenious way of making sure that a cleaning job ends with a spotless result. The dry ice particles sublimate, meaning that they turn from solid to gas without reaching a liquid state. So, the cleaning doesn’t rely on having the car’s surface impacted by tiny crystals.

The Ferrari you’re about to see down below also went through a detailed paint correction process, some light restoration for a couple of parts, and now looks ready to be owned by someone else. This particular vehicle is joining RM Sotheby’s Arizona auction which begins Thursday, January 26. The preview happens a day earlier, on January 25. It's the same place where you’ll find a very special Maserati MC20 and a 1965 Shelby 427 Competition that has one hell of a story.

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