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The Ultra-Realistic Humanoid Robot Ai-Da Breaks Boundaries Once Again

Ai-Da, the world’s first humanoid robot artist, and one of the most famous robots ever, continues to push the boundaries of “normality,” and make headlines with its daring achievements. After becoming the first humanoid robot to create artistic paintings, Ai-Da is now also the first one to write and perform poetry, just like humans.
Ai-Da finally made it to the art exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza, after the incident at the border 8 photos
Ai-Da made waves as soon as it made its debut on the artistic scene, in 2019, but it became infamous after the Egypt incident that took place earlier this year. Traveling there in order to open an art exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza, it was detained at the border, under the suspicion that the hidden cameras in its eyes would be used for espionage. No longer a “simple” robotic artist, Ai-Da was seen as a security threat and became even more famous overnight.

The humanoid robot would eventually be cleared, after diplomatic efforts, but the following photos of it next to the Pyramids will forever mark this very interesting event that says a lot about technology advancement in general, and all the fears connected to that. Ai-Da went even further and dedicated a work of art, called Eyes Wide Shut, to this incident, since the Egypt border patrol officers wanted to remove the cameras that basically act as Ai-Da’s eyes.

It seemed that the Egypt episode might overshadow the robot’s artistic achievements, but the recent Dante exhibition at the Oxford Ashmolean Museum proved that Ai-Da still has many tricks under its sleeve. It was at this event that art dealer Aidan Meller’s creation performed its own poetry, written in response to Dante’s Divine Comedy. After having read an English translation of Dante’s poem, the robot used its AI algorithms, including speech pattern analysis, plus an internal data bank of words, to create its own artistic response.

For those who might have seen Ai-Da’s ability to look in all directions, or to wave its arms, as scary, throwing a human voice in the mix is only going to intensify that feeling. But, if it helps anyone, this controversial ultra-realistic robot isn’t able to go anywhere on its own. At least, for now. Who knows what is next, after its pioneering works of art, and poetry recital?

Ai-Da has concluded its live performances at the Ashmolean Museum, but “Dante: The Invention of Celebrity” will continue to run until January 9.


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