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Feature-Packed Robot Is Better Than a Rottweiler, Mows and Guards the Lawn Autonomously

Off-road tires, a 360-degree HD panoramic camera, a dedicated mobile app, AI (artificial intelligence), and autonomous capabilities. These are just some of the features that make the Novabot more than just a simple lawnmower but a next-generation lawn care robot.
Novabot autonomous lawn care robot 8 photos
Novabot autonomous lawn care robotNovabot autonomous lawn care robotNovabot autonomous lawn care robotNovabot autonomous lawn care robotNovabot autonomous lawn care robotNovabot autonomous lawn care robotNovabot autonomous lawn care robot
Mowing the lawn is a recurring task, one that can get dull and exhausting over time. Unless you have this bot doing all the work for you. The Novabot was developed to be more than a simple grass cutter because it also acts like a lawn guardian.

This machine needs no perimeter cables to be set up before use, as is the case with most robotic mowers on the market. It is a self-driving AI robot that packs powerful brushless motors, off-road tires, and a 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery that enables it to mow up to 650 sq meters (7,000 sq ft) per charge and up to 1/2 acre (2,000 sq m) per day.

100 percent waterproof (comes with an IPX6 rating), weighing 10 kg (22 lb) and measuring 24 x 13.3 x 15.7 in (610 x 340 x400 mm), the Novabot is equipped with six stainless steel blades that allows it to cut grass between 0.7 and 2.7 in (20 and 70 mm) high. It also boasts a slope climbing capability of up to 45 percent, and it is unnoticeably quiet, boasting a noise level under 60 dB. Noise-wise, it is almost as good as Segway’s Navimow, which operates at 54 dB, with the company claiming that’s the noise level of an electric toothbrush.

Back to our Novabot, the machine mows the lawn in straight lines, using its 360-degree camera to detect and avoid any obstacles, from objects to kids, pets, and so on. And there’s another use for its HD panoramic camera, too, turning the bot into a home security system that can detect any sudden movements, abnormal activities, etc. The Novabot can be set to alert you via the mobile app in case it detects anything suspicious.

The bot also features humidity sensors that allow it to detect and avoid areas with water puddles that are too large. In that case, the machine returns to its base, as it also does when it runs out of battery.

Another notable feature is its anti-theft system that lets you track its exact location. Everything can be controlled via the Novabot mobile app, which also comes with operating schedules, multi-zone management and customization, adjustments for the cutting height, and more.

There are two versions of the robot available, the Novabot N1000 and the Novabot N2000, with those figures representing the cutting area per day in sq meters.

Right now, Novabot is seeking funding on Indiegogo, and you can get one for $1,300 (the N1000) or $1,600 (the N2000). The estimated shipping date is July 2022.

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