The Future of Android Auto Is Entirely Wireless

If you’ve been using Android Auto for more than a week, you probably know already that sometimes the app can break down all of a sudden for no clear reason.
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More often than not, Android Auto ends up struggling with the connection between the mobile device and the head unit, and in the majority of cases, the cable is the one to blame.

Of course, nobody understands why cables that worked just fine before can become completely useless a second later, though as a general recommendation, sticking with a high-speed cord that’s certified for fast charging is the best way to go.

However, choosing the right cable for Android Auto has long been a major challenge. And in some cases, not even the cords that shipped in the box with phones like Samsung Galaxy S models work properly, so at the end of the day, finding a setup that just does its job is much harder than many would be tempted to believe.

The good news is the future of Android Auto is almost certainly wireless. Obviously, the transition from wired to wireless wouldn’t happen overnight, and this isn’t even possible given how many cars out there currently require a cable to run Android Auto.

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But soon enough, the majority of car brands would start equipping their models with Android Auto wireless, and Google itself would also start insisting on this mode as well.

And right now, there are two big reasons why the transition from wired to wireless is almost unavoidable on the Android Auto front.

First of all, it’s the extra convenience combined with the reduced likelihood of connectivity problems. Google too wants to provide users with a more seamless experience when running Android Auto in their cars, and of course, users in their turn also want everything to just work when their mobile devices connect to a head unit.

The Mountain View-based search giant already seems to be favoring the wireless version of Android Auto, with the company recently revealing this mode is currently supported in 100 million cars out there. And without a doubt, the number is even higher given there are plenty of head units out there that support Android Auto wireless but which are installed as aftermarket equipment.

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The second reason is partially linked with Google’s long-term plans.

The mobile industry seems to be slowly but surely moving to a wireless future as well, and Apple is once again the company that seems to spearhead this transition. Apple is believed to be working on a portless iPhone, and as it happened with many other controversial changes implemented by the iPhone maker (such as the notch), there’s a chance a similar approach would then be embraced by others.

Including Google, Samsung, and the rest of the Android device manufacturers, so eventually, the phones we purchase, regardless of the platform they run, will sport zero ports.

In this case, Android Auto wireless will be the only option anyway, so by favoring the cable-free experience and working with carmakers to make it available on more cars, Google seems to be preparing for this big new trend.

As said earlier, the transition from wired to wireless wouldn’t just take place all of a sudden, so for now, Android Auto wired is here to stay. But on the other hand, there’s absolutely no doubt the transition to wireless is just a matter of time, and while some Android device manufacturers could try to resist the new trend, they would all give in sooner or later.

Rumor has it Apple could introduce a portless iPhone in 2022 or 2023, so by the end of this decade, most new devices are very likely to drop wires as well.
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