The Fovno Bike Rack Sucks Itself Into Place and Fits Just About Any Car and Bike You Use

There are countless folks among us who own a bicycle. Heck, some of us even take them on extensive journeys that have no end, and often, these journeys are accompanied by a four-wheeler that does all the carrying.
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Photo: Yiwu Fengdong Technology Co.
Fovno Bike RackFovno Bike RackFovno Bike RackFovno Bike RackFovno Bike RackFovno Bike RackFovno Bike RackFovno Bike RackFovno Bike RackFovno Bike Rack
Well, this time around, we'll be looking at a device that allows you to mount a bike onto your car with nothing more than the power of suction. Best of all, the ES-H1B Electric Inverted Sucker Bike Rack works in such a way that you can mount a bicycle to nearly any vehicle on the market. From classic sedans to convertibles and RVs, all can use this electrified device. Time to explore what you, too, can own for nearly ¥2,000 Chinese (roughly $290 at current exchange rates).

Now, the crew behind this contraption is Yiwu Fengdong Technology Co. As you may have guessed from the name, these folks are Chinese, but that doesn't matter as plenty of Chinese cycling component manufacturers come up with amazing works, and this may be one of those companies. For example, Fengdong employs CNC milling to shape metallic components and, through "continuous breakthroughs and innovations, strives to build a first-class bicycle parts brand." Their words not mine, and one of their brands is Fovno.

As for the ES-H1B, the device is rather simple, and that's where the beauty lies. All you have to do is space out the suckers to your bike's dimensions, throw your bike onto the car, press a button, and watch the cups latch onto your car like a gecko on glass. That's it. Ok, so maybe there's a tad more to it than that, but I was just describing a typical experience with this "Sucker."

Fovno Bike Rack
Photo: Yiwu Fengdong Technology Co.
For this unit to work, there are two parts. The first is those suction cups you see, and the second is that box-like control module you see in the middle of the magic. It's this module that will be doing all the work, including ensuring that the cups stay latched onto glass, metal, roofs, trunks, and even the side of your car. Sure, the latter setting shouldn't be used, but you probably can.

Let's think about what you can do with something this simple and easy to use. Maybe you're the sort of person that likes to catch the setting sun from some mountain ridge. Considering that you'd typically have to ride for over an hour to get there, you want to drive today. Throw the cups onto your bike, flip the bike onto your Camry, turn on the module, and get driving.

This sort of tool is also suitable for people that are taking RV trips. Only this time around, you and the family each have a bike, for a total of four. What now? Just pick up four units, and deck your RV out to look like a cyclist Christmas tree. Although I recommend ensuring that your RV and the H1B are suitable for such a venture because the structural integrity of some RVs or surface coatings may not allow such a device to work. A dang shame if you ask me. Nonetheless, your typical glossy and/or gel coat should do just fine.

Fovno Bike Rack
Photo: Yiwu Fengdong Technology Co.
Now, that manufacturer's website isn't entirely clear on how this contraption works. For example, there's a wireless transmitter in there somewhere working on a frequency of 433.92 MHz. What the heck it's transmitting, I couldn't find out. But, features like a total system weight of 3.3 kilograms (7.2 pounds) and an IP65 rating help extend this trinket's use.

If you're looking for an easy and simple way to move your bike around town using an array of vehicles, the Fovno bike rack is one tool to consider. If you end up purchasing this system, please drop a comment as to why there needs to be a wireless transmission in this device. Like most things these days, it probably has an app. Safe riding and always wear a helmet.

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