Tesla To Offer $20,000 Carbon Ceramic Brakes for the Model S Plaid Next Year

Tesla says that its Model S Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit will be available starting in mid-2022. The parts alone cost a whopping $20,000 and require buyers to have 21-inch wheels on their Model S Plaid. At least it covers all four corners.
Tesla Model S Brake Kit 6 photos
Tesla Model S PlaidTesla Model S PlaidTesla Model S PlaidTesla Model S PlaidTesla Model S Plaid
There's no doubt that the Model S Plaid is the most intense Tesla ever made. It's actually one of the most intense production cars ever made.

For a short time, it held the record as the fastest accelerating car in history. That record now safely rests with the Rimac Nevera, a $2 million dollar electric hypercar.

Of course, with that incredible ability to accelerate into the triple digits, it's important to have enough stopping power too. That's been a concern too. In this video, the driver reports near complete brake failure at 164 mph.

Then, Throttle House tested the Model S. They're professional reviewers, and they said that the Tesla was "really scary" when braking.

MotorTrend even noticed that during its Nurburgring lap, the Model S was coasting into braking zones. It surmised that perhaps the driver was trying to keep the brakes from overheating.

All of these developments lead us to today's news that Tesla will sell its own upgrade for the Model S Plaid. It includes much larger rotors, one-piece six-piston forged calipers, and high-performance brake pads.

The kit is only available on cars equipped with 21-inch Arachnid wheels, according to Tesla. In addition, it won't be available until at least mid-2022.

The Model S Plaid currently ships with the same size brakes as the 2020 Model S Performance. Those brakes are considerably smaller and use four-piston rotors.

The news will be reassuring to any buyers who feel the need for more stopping power. Of course, right now, RB Performance Brakes offers a full Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for the Model S Plaid, and it costs $16,690.


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