Tesla Model S Owner Shows Elon Musk on Twitter His Car Was Repaired With Duct Tape

In September 2020, Tesla owners shared what seemed to be the worst example of jerry-rigging we had ever seen. A brand-new Model Y had wood pieces and a plastic belt to hold its liquid-cooled condenser (LCC) – a component of its heat pump – in place. It was not clear if the car came from the factory like that or if that was something a Tesla Service Center did. In the end, it does not matter, as it doesn’t matter with the latest jerry-rigging episode from the company: repairing a car with duct tape.
Tesla fixes a Model S with duct tape and the unhappy owner shared that on Twitter 6 photos
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Thomas was already unhappy because his Model S was at a Tesla Service Center for too longThomas made a graphic about how happy he was with his carThe blue slice is the time Thomas was left without his car due to the need to repair irTesla fixes a Model S with duct tape and the unhappy owner shared that on TwitterThis was the most extreme example of jerry-rigging from Tesla until now: wood parts to hold an LCC
A man that identifies simply as Thomas seems to have created a Twitter account (@TelticThomas) solely to contact Elon Musk and try to get the Tesla CEO's attention to his issues. He bought his Tesla Model S on June 27, 2021. On July 25 – 393 days after purchasing it – Thomas asked Musk for help because his car had been in a Tesla Service Center for 147 days. He presented graphics to show how happy or sad he was with the vehicle and the slice of his ownership experience in which the EV was broken: it represents 37.4% of the time he had the EV until that point.

On August 18, Thomas said he had just gotten his car back from the shop after it had stayed there for 51 days. He was probably talking about the last waiting round, which started on June 28. When he spoke about 147 days with his car in repairs, we suspect Thomas counted all the time he had to take his Model S to the Tesla Service Center. He also asked Tesla to buy back his lemon car on that tweet. We are trying to talk to the Model S owner to confirm all points of this story.

What matters now is the picture Thomas shared on Twitter: it is a plastic element in the “rear left wheel side.” We could not identify what part that was, but the Model S owner was pretty unhappy about it. He asked Musk if the supply chain shortage is making Tesla run short of clips. He even considered getting a Prius instead of the Model 3 and Model Y that he has on reserve.

In its efforts to do everything independently, the EV maker has no dealerships: all Tesla Service Centers are the company itself. The same happens with Supercharging networks. Any issue at these places is a problem with the company, regardless of being in production, charging, or servicing. It would be interesting to see what Musk has to tell this customer about fixing Tesla's current flagship with duct tape.

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