Tesla Has Strange Identification Problems When It Meets a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Someone filmed an unusual situation on a road in Germany: the moment when a Tesla meets a carriage on the road. So a car that represents the pinnacle of technology in 2022 met something quite advanced ... but for the 1800s.
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Photo: Reddit
Tesla Has Strange Identification Problems When It Meets a Horse-Drawn Carriage
Let's just say the situation itself isn't that spectacular, but the way the Tesla identifies the vehicle driving in front of it is pretty funny.

In the first part of the video, we see how a red car overtakes the white horse-drawn carriage in which the "driver" + a passenger are riding. On the central display of the Tesla, you can see the representation of the traffic ahead: a car overtakes a truck? When only the horse-drawn vehicle remains in front, you can see how confused the electric car's identification system is.

First, it shows a semi-truck driving in front, but after a second it identifies it as a pickup. Then it changes its mind, and the display representation shows a large truck approaching from the front, barreling toward the carriage. After a few moments we see the pick-up again, only between it and the Tesla is a man walking. Presumably, the car's system has identified the horse's feet and has concluded that it could be a man.

Eventually, the car realizes that something is wrong and goes back to the assumption that the semi-truck is driving in front and a man is walking behind it. Tesla finally gives up and decides that only a truck is driving in front of it.

”Lol. Data labelers haven’t labeled a horse-pulled carriage yet” someone commented on Reddit, but perhaps the funniest comment is: ”To be fair carriages are very new technology. You have to give tesla time to catch up”.

Funny tone aside, Tesla recently had some complaints from disgruntled owners. That's after an old video that showed a radar-less Tesla failing to stop for kids (dummy).

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