Teen Caught Speeding in Chevrolet Camaro, Blames It on Hot Wings

Speedsters come up with the most creative excuses for breaking the law. They never get away with any of them, but they still feel like trying.
Police pull over speeding Chevrolet Camaro, find teenage driver rushing to a bathroom 15 photos
Photo: Facebook / Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Manitoba
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The latest comes from Manitoba, Canada, where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police pulled over a Chevrolet Camaro doing 170 kph, which is about 105 mph. In the driver seat, officers found a 16-year-old with a learner’s permit, who cited a number 2 emergency as the reason he was going so fast.

Obviously, the cops didn’t buy his excuse. As you must know, cops never buy this type of excuses for a very simple reason: there is simply no excuse for speeding. The only exceptions are real medical emergencies and the likes, but this kid wasn’t about to give birth, he only needed to go poo-poo.

In addition to speeding, he also got busted for driving without a licensed driver, which is mandatory for anyone with a learner’s permit. This guy went out to dinner all on his own.

“This 16-year-old’s excuse for going 170 km/h in a Camaro? ‘Too many hot wings & needed a bathroom.’ Fined $966 for speeding + $203 for driving w/o a supervising driver. Absolutely #noexcuses for that kind of speed,” the PD writes on Facebook.

Speaking of learner’s permits and breaking the law, just last week, a woman from Johnson City, New York, was arrested for cramming 12 passengers in a 7-seat vehicle when she wasn’t even a licensed driver. Of those 12 people, several were children and none of them was safely secured in a baby carseat.

An alarmed witnessed noticed the woman packing her car to the maximum and driving off, and called the cops. When they pulled her over, they noticed she had a learner’s permit and she wasn’t traveling with a licensed driver, so they fined her for that, as well.

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