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Taste Over 60 Years of German Camping Heritage With a Luxurious Eriba Touring 820 Trailer
By now, you've picked up that they do mobile living a little differently over in Europe. This time around, I've run across an RV manufacturer that's been building travel trailers and caravans for over 60 years, and we're going to take a journey through their flagship design.

Taste Over 60 Years of German Camping Heritage With a Luxurious Eriba Touring 820 Trailer

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Folks, the glamping habitat we'll be looking at today is known as the Touring 820, a flagship habitat from Eriba. Sure, there are plenty of camper trailers out there, most with a very similar design, but once you've combed through the gallery, finished reading this text, and enjoyed the video at the end, you'll understand why you should look closer.

If you've never heard of Eriba, they're a Germany-based trailer manufacturer that saw its start back in 1957. However, their first work was built hand in hand with another German giant, Hymer, and today, Eriba is the brand responsible for lightweight, spacious but compact, and luxurious travel trailers that come out of the Hymer family.

And what's the best way to showcase the lifestyle this brand can offer? By taking a closer look into the Touring 820 and seeing if it has all you may need for this camping season and several years that follow. Heck, with the starting price you'll be paying for the 820, 79,900 EUR (86,903 USD at current exchange rates), you can expect to get more than just one year out of this mobile home.

Sure, when you dish out this sort of cash for a travel trailer, you'll want to make sure it's built well, but we all know what they say about German products. Furthermore, this model even received the Red Dot Award for design. So, what does that leave us with? Nothing more than an exploration into the mobile lifestyle this towable has to offer.

So you and your family have talked it out, and you've decided this luxurious trailer is what your family of four needs to explore in style and comfort. Great! Well, now what? Climb aboard! From the moment you place your hands on the 820's body, you'll feel the smoothened exterior skin that covers the exterior. While the manufacturer's website makes little mention of the materials used in building the body, the video below tells you all about the aluminum exterior and GRP underbody used to help fight off the elements.

Inside the home, to your right will be a modular dinette, fit with a drop-down table and a panoramic view of the world around; to the left is a wardrobe that shares a wall with a spacious bathroom. On the port wall, a sophisticated galley presents not only a place where you can cook your meals in peace and comfort but signature cupboards, worktops, and appliances. The rear of the 820 features a bed that spans the entire width of the camper, minus some storage cupboards along the edge and overhead.

But, other campers include most of, if not all, these features, and possibly at a lower price. So why should you consider this trailer? Well, part of the magic that Eriba offers its future owners is years of technological R&D resulting in systems aimed at only one goal, your comfort. From hydraulic leveling jacks, deployed at the press of a button, to Eriba's Smart Home System that allows you to access and control living systems directly from your smart device, it's all for easy living.

The final touches of your German glamping home include materials like leather, used to create furniture like the dinette, carpeting to keep your feet feeling right at home, and velvet ash wood finish to attract your eyes to décor and storage cabinets. Some composites are also found, but their use is minimal. All that makes up a trailer with a maximum permissible weight of 2,500 kg (5,511 lbs), so have the proper vehicle ready.

There may be a downside or two as far as getting a Touring 820 for yourself. Hymer's North America branch, responsible for spreading their magic across the U.S. and Canada, is no longer active. This means that you could find an 820 tucked away in some dealership's corner, but if you don't, bring some extra cash for shipping fees to get one from Europe.

Imagine for a moment what your life may be like waking up to birds chirping outside your home instead of horns honking, emergency sirens, and endless ringing phones and e-mails. Eyes wide open, you press a button, and your home readies itself for your day. But you still have to make your own coffee.

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