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Photo: Time Out Trailers, Inc.
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While I've been writing about campers, rarely have I found one suitable for a widespread vehicle on the road, the motorcycle. In this spirit, we'll be exploring Deluxe, a nifty little camper that looks just right for adventurous biker gangs.
Folks, believe it or not, Deluxe is considered the largest camper that Time Out Trailers manufacturers. And while the words "largest camper" may send your mind hurdling in a completely different direction, this travel trailer is small enough to be towed behind a motorcycle and any car with a suitable hookup.

Before we dive deeper into how this camper can define your summer, let me just point out that the manufacturer, Time Out Trailers, is a crew that's been around since 1974. Their first camper identified them as pioneers of motorcycle-drawn habitats, and today, they still carry that torch; nearly 50 years of R&D unfurl in the Deluxe.

For a structure to be suitable for towing behind a motorcycle, it needs to meet specific design standards and, above all, safety. To give you an idea of what you're up against, all I need to say is that this sucker is sold out on Amazon. Even the manufacturer only has six units waiting to be sold. Why such a hot item?

To answer the question above, think about the possibilities you'll unlock if you own something like this. If you own a motorcycle, you no longer need to find a welcoming RV crew that'll take you as a plus-one on their trip; you can happily grab ol' Bertha (motorcycle), hitch the Deluxe camper to it, and drive alongside your RV group in the next lane.

Deluxe Camper
Photo: Time Out Trailers, Inc.
Because the trailer only weighs 385 lbs (175 kg) and features a tongue weight of 20 lbs (9.1 kg), you should have no issue pulling it along behind your Honda or Yamaha as long as you have a trailer ball. Another way to ensure that your motorcycle isn't solicited to its absolute limits, Time Out also designed Deluxe to be relatively small in its towing form. It's only 43 in (109 cm) wide, 65 in (165 cm) long, and 32 in (81 cm) tall.

As you're riding along the highway, you're bound to hit a bump or two, and the last thing you want is a trailer bouncing behind you uncontrollably. An independent torsion suspension is used in the build to minimize such scenarios. It also looks like that nose-cone addition will help in stabilizing lateral movements and reducing drag while on the road.

So, you've safely made it to your campgrounds. Now what? Start applying some elbow grease and manually set up your mobile habitat. As it sits closed, Deluxe offers 23 cu ft (0.65 cu m) of storage space, which means you'll need to unload things like an air mattress, foldable chairs and table, your portable solar kit, clothes, and hiking equipment, should I keep going?

To display your temporary home, you'll access the floor by unfurling the frame of Deluxe. From here, you'll be asked to unroll and attach your tent to the flooring and simply start lifting the support poles into place. Your interior is complete.

Deluxe Camper Interior
Photo: Time Out Trailers, Inc.
It's then up to you and only you to decide who and what you bring into your mobile home. Two people will have no trouble crashing for the night with space for a queen air mattress, but there's also room for your clothing and other camping gear. Maybe you brought along a mobile galley and porta potty.

Three days later, once all your food is gone and your clothes stained with mud, dirt, and grime, and your own brand of perfume is starting to smell less and less pleasurable, just start packing up the Deluxe in reverse order. Hitch it back up to your hog, and off you go, towards the nearest known shower facilities. With a price tag of 5,195 USD (4,775 EUR at current exchange rates), you'll have the cash necessary to shower at a hotel and even stay the night, complimentary breakfast and all.

At the end of the day, I know quite a few bikers that would love something like this, but the Deluxe is also suitable for smaller cars. I wonder what sort of mileage you can get towing this behind a smart. Time to find out.
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