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Do You Have a Large Family? Take Them All Glamping With a Dilatable Beauer 3X Plus
Folks, as time flows on, technology flows along with it. Nowadays, we no longer just haul a one-room camper behind our trucks; we haul expandable habitats that can fit up to six people or more if some sleep on the floor. Time to see what the 3X Plus mobile home is all about.

Do You Have a Large Family? Take Them All Glamping With a Dilatable Beauer 3X Plus

3X Plus Bedroom3X Plus Travel Trailer3X Plus With Awning3X Plus Tow Mode3X Plus Interior3X Plus Interior (Render)3X Plus Bathroom3X Plus Living Room3X Plus Living Room (Render)
Every now and again, autoevolution runs across machines that we just feel compelled to bring to your attention, and this is the case with the mobile habitats that come out of Beauer. This French manufacturer has been active in the RV industry for over ten years and has received numerous awards for its designs. If you recall, we mentioned this crew in the past year, and since they’ve unleashed a few new habitats, it’s time to find out what’s in store.

Now, if you remember what Beauer and the work they do is all about, you’re aware that they create some rather unique travel trailers. To put things as simple as I can, they’re basically one giant slide-out home, created using overlapping shells, usually two to three such layers, that extend outward from a central position.

This time around, Beauer took everything they knew and created the most extensive structure they could achieve, the 3X Plus. You’re looking at a two-bedroom mobile home that also has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and space for six people to live comfortably. This is made possible by 28 sq m (301 sq ft) of living space.

But, don’t worry, you’re not dragging along some massive, oversized habitat. In its towable form, Plus will only occupy a space 205 cm (81 in) wide and is 290 cm (114 in) tall. As far as length goes, 665 cm (262 in) is what you’ll be towing behind you. With an unladen mass of 2,200 kg (4,850 lbs) and a max permissible mass of 2,700 kg (5,952 lbs), just 500 kg (1,102 lbs) of gear is all you can bring along. It should be fine for an extended weekend or so.

Now, let’s say that you and your family of six have decided to take a three-day trip out into the wilderness. Once you’ve arrived at the destination you’ve been planning for this winter, you’ll need to ensure that the ground is as level as possible and can fit a 480 cm (189 in) structure, the width of Plus as it sits expanded. The last thing you want is a bent habitat.

With your children running around, you’ll just be sitting there pressing a button for 60 seconds and watching Plus expand into your temporary home. Once the Plus is in its final form, I’d like to invite you to take a little walk with me through this camper, if we can even call it that anymore.

I say this because as you enter the Plus, you should feel as though you’re not even camping anymore. With an L-shaped kitchen setup that features four burners, a high-rise tap, a deep-bowl sink, and a 230 l (50.6 gal) fridge, you should feel right at home.

Once you’ve whipped up your meals and have gathered the kids from their running around, with hands washed, you’ll all sit down in the living room and enjoy fresh hot meals. Yes, all six can gather ’round the dining table. What to do once you’ve filled up your belly? Nothing more than lounging around, possibly even taking a nap.

To do that, you’ll be able to use the modular couch in the living room or any of the two bedrooms I mentioned. One bedroom is equipped with a double bed and the other with a pair of twins, but both with ensuite dressing rooms and windows to watch the clouds roll by as you prepare for your siesta.

If napping isn’t your thing, you can watch TV, grab a book from any of the countless shelves and cabinets, or wind down with a nice warm shower. Maybe you’ve opted for a bike rack and have an e-bike waiting for you to explore the local terrains. There are plenty of other options, so take the time to consider your needs and wants and bring more cash.

Right now, I can guess you may be asking yourself how much something like this is going to run you. That all depends on if you find one in the U.S. or must ship it over from Europe. Whatever happens, have at least 74,793 EUR (81,236 USD at current exchange rates) on hand. Are you ready for this year’s camping season?

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