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Swiss Company AirYacht Is Seeking To Revolutionize the Billionaire Hospitality Industry
Industries around the world are experiencing a massive shift right now. Even luxury yachting and the billionaire lifestyle. No longer do we just want superyachts that can cruise the world's oceans; we want ships that friggin fly! And to do so in utterly exquisite luxury.

Swiss Company AirYacht Is Seeking To Revolutionize the Billionaire Hospitality Industry

AirYachtAirYacht ResidenceAirYachtAirYacht ResidenceAirYachtAirYacht ResidenceAirYacht InteriorAirYacht Interior
Folks, recent news about a Swiss company looking to revolutionize the yachting industry has popped up. The name alone, AirYacht, should be more than enough to tell you all you really need to know about what we'll be talking about here today. Yes, it's a superyacht and one that can take to the skies at a whim's notice.

AirYacht is a crew started up by two engineers out of a passion for flying. Coupled with some business and technical experience, the two decided to create the machine before us today. And while all we have are renders, orders for this behemoth are open, and delivery of the first AirYacht vessel is planned for 2026.

To fully understand what's going on here, we need to break down the design a little bit. Overall, AirYacht is a two-part machine, and each part can function solely on its own. Part of the design is the actual blimp or "rigid airship," which will be filled with helium and requires no "ground structures" to land. This simply means that no terrain is off limits unless there's some sort of no-fly zone.

As traditional as this airship may appear, you have to consider that there will eventually be a superyacht attached to its belly. This implies an array of intricate systems so that swooping down, securing a superyacht to you, and then flying off again can be achieved; a tricky venture nonetheless. But, AirYacht seems to be sure that they have what it takes to deliver.

Part two of this tale is built upon a structure often seen on autoevolution, the superyacht, or as AirYacht refers to it, the "residence." Why use this word to describe a superyacht? Simply because that's what yachts are for many millionaires and billionaires; the most luxurious summer homes. With that, future owners will have access to 750 square meters (8,073 square feet) of inside living space and 350 square meters (3,767 square feet) of terrace. AirYacht states that it's "the equivalent to a 60-meter yacht," but it isn't clear if that's how long the vessel really is.

While the images in the gallery don't reveal much of the interior design of this concept, you can bet your bottom dollar that if some millionaire invests in this project, it's all going to be custom and peak luxury. After all, it seems like the sort of idea that, if executed, it better be the absolute peak of what mankind has to offer in terms of style and luxury. Still, we can see that the ship features spaces like a beach club, helicopter pad, and multiple levels for areas and activities.

But there's more to this story than meets the eye. Judging by the renderings AirYacht reveals, it would appear that this ship is suitable for more than just cruising the world's oceans; it can be set up on dry land too. It would appear that the hull features a support system that allows the ship to remain upright while on the ground; that's limitless exploration.

For a moment, just imagine what it may be like to be sitting around on a yacht, floating through the Caribbean, and by this same time tomorrow, you can be living on some private island, hidden among trees, out of that very yacht. Next week, the itinerary shows the southern tip of Chile and a flight over the Andes mountains on the way. Maybe you travel down to Antarctica, I don't know. All I know is that the AirYacht will be an industry milestone if and when it's pulled off.

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