Supertramp Is a Conversion Kit To Transform Your SUV Into an Off-Grid Machine

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Photo: Egoé nest s.r.o.
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So, you own a car. Awesome! You're luckier than most. But there's a problem, you want to be a part of the off-grid lifestyle. Luckily for you: you can transform your car with a conversion kit.
Folks, I recently ran across a team from the Czech Republic called Egoe nest. You may have heard of them before, as we featured this crew's work a week or so ago, where we took a look at one of the simpler and more affordable conversion kits they build, Nestbox.

This time around, we'll be checking out one of the more elaborate versions from Egoe, Supertramp. If you missed the piece on Nestbox, Supertramp should give you a solid idea of what Egoe does best. And just so there's no misunderstanding regarding this article, the word "tramp" means "hiker" in Czech.

The idea behind the Supertramp conversion kit stands in being able to adapt to as many vehicles as possible. Unlike Nestbox, Supertramp isn't built for cars like station wagons or small SUVs, but rather vehicles like Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Discovery, and Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Supertramp Conversion Kit
Photo: Egoé nest s.r.o.
Part two of the story and why this trinket has won numerous design awards is its ease of use. Supertramp is made to simply slide into the rear of your vehicle and remain in a compact mode until it's time to sleep. Once you're ready for bed, lower your rear seat and unfold the bedding platform. 187 cm (74 in) long and 127 cm (50 in) wide, this platform easily fits the vehicles mentioned above and may sleep up to two folks. Lay down the provided mattress and get some rest.

With sleeping function aside, it's time to look at Supertramp's other abilities; this is where things get interesting. As Supertramp sits in your vehicle's cargo bay, unfolded, it's still able to offer owners access to the modules that make up the rest of the structure.

Modules? Yes, modules. Egoe nest designed each conversion kit with an innate ability to add or remove features in regards to the needs of the adventure you have in mind. Let's say you only need water for the day as you already have your meals cooked. You're able to take out the cooker module and leave nothing more except the water module. The remaining space can be used for simple storage. Planning a cookout? Take out the water module and purchase another cooker module; unleash your cooking skills like a DJ laying down tracks. A refrigerator module is also available.

Supertramp Conversion Kit Bed Frame
Photo: Egoé nest s.r.o.
To get an idea of what you can do with each module, know that the cooker is complete with a two-burner stove, wind guards, two plastic drawers for utensils and spices, and two replaceable gas cartridges. On the other hand, the water module features a removable and folding washbasin, two 12-liter (3.2-gallon) canisters, a couple of storage bags, a faucet, and a showerhead with a hose attachment. Yup, you can do more than just wash your hands and veggies.

Now, let's say you like Supertramp and feel it's what you need for your adventures. If that's the case, you've got three options. The first is to grab a complete set for 4,236 EUR (4,785 USD at current exchange rates), which features the bedding and modules listed above. But, you can also grab just the sleeping set, no modules, or just the kitchen set with modules but no bedding. Since the kitchen alone is 3,156 EUR (3,565 USD), and the bedding goes for 3,366 EUR (3,802 USD), just grab the complete set.

Sure, it may not be the most decked-out mobile habitat you'll ever set eyes on. Still, Supertramp's modularity, ease of use, and price are something to consider if you're in the market for a capable conversion kit.

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