FLIP Camping Box
These days, everyone wants to get into the off-grid lifestyle. But with massive prices, most common folk can only dream of an RV. FLIP Camping Box is changing all that.

FLIP Camping Box Boasts Necessary Goods To Step Into Van Life for Under $4K

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Let's say you own a compact van, be it a Citroen Berlingo, Ford Tourneo, Opel Cargo, or VW Transporter; you can now step into the off-grid game for just under 4,000 USD. How is this possible?

Folks, it's called FLIP Camping Box (FCB), and what it is and what it can do for your lifestyle might just help this aftermarket addition to your vehicle end up on your Christmas list.

What you're looking at is an off-grid-ready conversion kit that can be installed and adapted to 60 different van models on the market. The mind behind FCB is FLIP, a Slovenian crew with a love for the outdoors like few others. With over 25 years of experience, this family-owned business can work outside established industry norms and, in doing so, has devised FCB.

To get a clear understanding of what you see, it's a fully-contained, plug-and-play setup ready with the features and appliances you need to take your first step into the off-grid lifestyle. Best of all, depending on the van model you wish to fit FCB into, you can expect to spend 2,990 EUR (3,374 USD at current exchange rates) or 3,490 EUR (3,938 USD at current exchange rates).

FLIP Camping Box Frame
Here we go. FCB is set up around an aluminum frame, so the whole thing comes off relatively light. Since it's made from a few separate components, you're looking at a construction weighing 65 kg (143 lbs) tops.

If you follow us on autoevolution, you've met Adventure Bed that FLIP offers, and that same feature is available here. The top of FCB is a bed suitable for two people, featuring a max width of 161 cm (63 in) and length of 200 cm (79 in).

As for the lower half of FCB, this is where the magic happens. Along the edges of FCB, two boxes set up on a sliding-rail system are found. It's in these two boxes that FLIP will install things like a sink and faucet, cooktop, and plenty of storage to bring along things like food and utensils.

To do this, each box is designed with several sections to be used for whatever you need and want. Let's say you want to install the sink and faucet. Well, any faucet needs to be supplied with water, so another one of these sections will be used to house freshwater containers.

FLIP Camping Box Variation
As for the other box, you choose what to do with it. Since one side is already occupied with the water tank and sink, the other box can be reserved for your cooktop and gas cartridges if you're running a gas grill. Standard, FLIP offers a one-burner stove, but for a few bucks extra, you can grab a two-burner top.

Down the center of FCB, there can be only one thing that's left to bring along, a cooler. It's here you'll be able to add a portable cooler. You can either pick one up from FLIP or just use a cooler of your favorite brand; it just has to be no more than 39 cm (15.4 in) wide for the larger FCB kit and 31 cm (12.2) for the smaller kits.

One neat feature about this system is that the boxes are also modular, allowing you to arrange your kitchen as you need. Oh, FLIP also offers a list of accessories to take your off-grid capabilities even further. Just make sure to bring some extra cash.

Honestly, it's companies like FLIP that we need more of. Why? Just take the Camping Box as the perfect affordable example of all you need to dip your feet into the off-grid lifestyle. Get to it.

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