Badass Tents' Rugged Grants Off-Grid Capabilities to Just About Any Vehicle

It's as though everyone is getting into mobile living. However, most adaptations can end up costing an arm and a leg. Don't worry, there are solutions like these Badass Tents.
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Folks, the crew we're going to be getting to know today is known as Badass Tents. If you've never heard of them, it's because they're a relatively fresh manufacturer of outdoor gear, having been around only since 2020. But, this American company seems to be doing something right as that crucial first year of business hasn't crippled their ability to stay alive in this sort of market. The best way to see what's kept them going is to have a look at one of the habitats they offer.

This brings us to Rugged, a rooftop tent that's meant to fit just about anything with a roof rack, and when I say nearly anything, I mean it. Best of all, you'll only be spending upwards of 2,480 USD (2,195 EUR at current exchange rates) to own one of these trinkets; that's it. It's the sort of habitat that won't push you to fend for food while living off-grid. Best of all, the remainder of your vehicle will be able to be used as you please.

Now, we all know the benefits of this sort of mobile habitat, one of which can be as compact as possible. Because most rooftop tents are completed using a hard shell, they can resist constant transport. Rugged is no different.

Rugged Rooftop Tent
Photo: Badass Tents / YouTube Screenshot
A "tactical" storage case is what will be holding your Rugged together. It's made from plastic and textured to add a bit of feel to the whole thing.

From here, Badass uses waterproof 420D Nylon Oxford Fabric to create the tent you see. This is more than enough to keep you comfortable even if an eventual rain catches you sleeping outdoors. Three windows and three zippered doors offer a view of the world outside and offer access inside from three sides.

To keep everything upright, Badass equips Rugged like most other rooftop tents, with gas-powered struts for a quick and fluid release. When it's time to close up your home for the day, everything is just as quickly closed.

All this then sits upon an extruded aluminum frame that can handle up to 500 lbs of weight (227 kg). This means two people, and the cargo you have can be kept inside. Best of all, closed, Rugged can still carry extra cargo as long as it fits in the 4-inch (10-centimeter) space. Coming in with a weight of 113 lbs (51 kg), case, frame, and all, the tent is able to carry up to a total of 150 lbs (68 kg) while in transit.

Rugged Rooftop Tent
Photo: Badass Tents / YouTube Screenshot
Inside Rugged, don't expect to find anything more than just a 1-inch (2.54-centimeter) mattress suitable for accommodating two adults and possibly one child. Interior zippers help you close up the inside without issues.

I mentioned that Rugged can be thrown onto just about any car with a roof rack. From a Toyota 4Runner to the new Land Rover Defender, all can carry Rugged. Yup, the new Bronco too.

The only downside to this whole setup is that you'll have to dish out an extra 100 USD to pick up a ladder to climb up into your mobile dwelling. Still, not a bad price considering you have an off-grid-ready habitat to help you turn the new year into the best year. Something to consider if you're looking to get into the mobile lifestyle.

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