Straight-Piped Maybach 57S Is a Blasphemy Sounding Better Than Any Executive Sedan Should

When it comes to car mods, exhaust upgrades are ubiquitous. And that’s for a good reason, as sound goes a remarkably long way toward enhancing the driving experience. Among such modifications, straight piping has long been hailed as the king, although that seems to change as emissions are becoming more of a concern.
Straight Piped Maybach 57s 17 photos
Photo: YouTube / Officially Gassed
Straight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57sStraight Piped Maybach 57s
An exhaust with absolutely zero restrictions or sound muffling is just something that can get any enthusiast excited. But that does make it a great fit for any and every car. Some vehicles are meant for a more serene experience, an upscale, undisturbed ride, like this Maybach 57s that has just got straight piped and sounds heavenly.

It is a car that sat firmly at the peak of the luxury mountain when it was launched, along with its peers made by Rolls Royce and Bentley. Okay, the 57s is not exactly Maybach’s absolute epitome of opulence, as that honor is taken by the Maybach 62 and its dividing partition between the chauffeur and the wealthy passengers in the back.

But the 57s is not far behind, sporting many bells and whistles that we still consider high-tech to this day. Cushy seats, curtains, massaging seats, champagne cooler, picnic tables, and so on are barely worth mentioning, as those are expected amenities in any luxury saloon worth its salt.

The Maybach went above and beyond, with doors that closed at the press of a button and roof-mounted gauges for the back-seat passengers that indicate speed, time, and temperature. TVs mounted on the back of the front seats were also a thing, even boasting individual Maybach-branded headphones for the passengers.

The crazy does not stop here, however, as the sunroof in the 57s could be replaced by a solar panel that would keep the electronics running when the car is parked, including the AC. No reputable businessman would want to return from a meeting and sit down in a car that is uncomfortably hot.

Straight Piped Maybach 57s
Photo: YouTube / Officially Gassed
Even the chauffeur is well respected by Maybach, getting quite a few gizmos that make driving this stately saloon easier. From adaptive cruise control to a forward collision warning system and an adjustable suspension system with active dampers, some of the options were so advanced that many people did not even know they existed in cars back in 2005 when the 57s came out.

It’s then easy to see why a straight pipe exhaust is not fitting for this car. Naturally, this sort of vehicle pairs well with a subdued exhaust, one that makes passengers forget they are even moving down the road, or at least it did when it was new.

But the glorious V12 up front (yes, the one that was used by Pagani with some changes) just seems to demand. So, that is exactly what happened here, and the guys on the Officially Gassed YouTube channel made sure people get to see just how crazy it sounds.

The system making the thunderous rumble in the video is a 3-inch straight pipe that makes sure the V12 goodness goes directly from the exhaust manifold to our ears. Even just looking at this custom piece of work is enough to make car guys gobsmacked.

But hearing it start, rev, accelerate, and do donuts is an even more awe-inspiring experience. The sound coming from the engine is astounding and truly befitting of the monstrous 604 hp (612 ps) and 738 lb-ft (1,000 Nm) this V12 is capable of.

One could be forgiven for thinking the noise was coming from a W204 C63 or a W221 S65. A Maybach, regardless of its generation, has no business sounding this good. In fact, no ultra-luxury saloon does. This is the job of muscle and supercars, but it seems the 57s can do it just as well. This is an obnoxious blasphemy toward Maybach, but somehow it sounds so good that it just feels right.

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