Solar-Electric Boat POL Lux Can Be a Sustainable Party Venue in the Middle of a Lake

It's true, $135.000 will get you the most powerful Tesla Model S, but you can’t drive it on water. Well now, is it your thing to spend that amount of money on something cool that would bring you quality time on the water? Then you should put the Swedish solar electric catamaran POL Lux on that Christmas list.
Solar Electric Boat POL Lux Catamaran 6 photos
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Solar Electric Boat POL Lux CatamaranSolar Electric Boat POL Lux CatamaranSolar Electric Boat POL Lux CatamaranSolar Electric Boat POL Lux CatamaranSolar Electric Boat POL Lux Catamaran
Solar panels are everywhere these days, even on things that move. As long as the sun does its job, solar panels will produce clean energy to charge the batteries. So, in theory, freedom of movement is limitless.

POL Lux is using solar panels as a selling point, that’s for sure, but there’s more to it. Let’s dive into the details.

The Swedish start-up claims that the maximum range of the 18-kWh battery is 69 miles (or 110 km). A value that was probably assessed by night, because only then the battery can be depleted.

When the sun is up, solar panels continuously feed energy to the depleted battery, and the boat can sail with speeds up to 4 knots until you reach a fast-charging point. I know, 4 knots is less than 5 mph (less than 10 kph), so it’s more like a jogging speed. Or a nimble turtle.

But hey, nobody claimed that this is a speed boat. It’s aimed at those who are not in a rush. Cruising speed is a mere 7 knots (8 mph or 12 km/h), while maximum speed is a hilarious-epic 11 knots (around 12 mph or 20 km/h). Please, stop comparing this to Tesla’s Plaid mode.

The battery feeds two electric motors, which enables you to “travel on water silent and calmly - disturbing no one” as POL guys pretend in such a poetical way. It’s perfect for enjoying a good sleep thanks to the benches that easily transform into a cozy bed.

You can also opt for tent walls that cover the living area and protect you from bad weather. And from the eyes of the curious. Oh, this is cool: you even get a handy hammock if you like swinging more than average.

When the sun rises again, the time has come for a party on this 25-foot (around 8-meter) long catamaran with a capacity of 13 persons. The DJ, err, the captain is placed in an “asymmetrical driving position” which “opens the floor space and maximizes modularity”.

Right, it's not a multi-million dollar yacht, but here's another cool feature: the net at the front, between the two hulls. It's perfect for crazy stunts or enjoying romantic sunsets.

Whether you want to be with your friends on the water or you love offshore living in solitude for a couple of days, POL Lux is ready for you to join the waitlist for “your new getaway vessel”. Or better, your 2023 gift from secret Santa.

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on a production timeline from the Swedes. You should expect a year-long wait because the first prototype was unveiled just a few months ago in the summer of 2022.
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