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Skully Augmented Reality Helmet Resurrected from Bankruptcy

Thousands of early adopters were left in bitterness last year after augmented reality helmet maker Sully Inc. went bankrupt as its founders used the money raised through crowd-funding for personal expenses. But there is still hope as new investors bought the tech and are one their way to revive the idea.
Skully AR-1 5 photos
SKULLY AR-1 helmetSKULLY AR-1 helmetSKULLY AR-1 helmetSKULLY AR-1 helmet
The Skully fiasco will be remembered forever in the motorcycle world as the startup company promising a high-tech helmet able to offer the rider integrated audio, microphone, and head-up display, has repeatedly delayed production and shipping dates until two of its founders managed to syphon most of the money out of the company and throw it into bankruptcy.

Most of the initial backers were left empty-handed, and no refunds were given. Mind you; we’re talking about pre-purchases costing between a couple hundred bucks to over 1,000, so you can imagine the scale of this hoax.

However, a recent email sent to Skully’s backers informs that the old company was bought by two investors who say they are “determined to make this right.”

“You are receiving this email because you are part of the SKULLY Nation and we are bringing back the SKULLY helmet,” the email reads. “We are happy to inform you that the assets of SKULLY, Inc., have been acquired by Ivan Contreras and Rafael Contreras, successful businessmen in a variety of global turnaround industrial and technology ventures, with the goal of fulfilling SKULLY’s destiny.”

If you’ve never heard of these guys before, we’ll tell you they have also been involved in reviving two other motorcycle-related companies, namely Torrot and Gas Gas. Both these companies are up and running so there hopes that Skully will finally come to life.

The former SKULLY, Inc., is now named SKULLY Technologies and comes with a new leadership team with the headquarters now located in Atlanta, Georgia. The new company even has a new website, which should keep fans informed about its progress.

There’s even an announcement saying that on October 16, 2017, at 10 a.m., the team will go live and allow previous backers to register so they could finally be refunded or to receive the much awaited intelligent helmet.

We too are in a bit of shock and eager to see how all this will unfold.


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