Saab 9-2 Aero X is a Subaru WRX in Sensible Swedish Clothes

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Saab’s been gone as a car brand for over a decade now. If you ask some people, the car industry is much worse off without them. As a brand under the ownership, Saab suffered its darkest period, but that doesn’t mean everything that Saab built at the time was dull or slow.
There was the 9-7 AeroX SUV, for example, which sported the same V8 engine from the equivalent era Corvette. But what if you want something a little more practical? Well, Saab did have you covered back in the day, thanks to a corporate lovechild between Saab, GM, and Subaru, of all companies.

This particular 9-2X Aero is for sale via an anonymous private seller on, an enthusiast auction website run and owned by the world-famous YouTuber Doug DeMuro. On first impression, it’s easy to see the obvious Subaru WRX undertones that permeate the entirety of the car's existence.

The iconic Subaru Impreza wagon look would likely make most people pass it off as just any other Subaru, that’s of course, until they see a Saab badge out of the corner of their eye and turn around in disbelief. According to Doug DeMuro himself, the 9-2X Aero’s interior is much improved over the base Subaru Imprezza it was based upon.

Being the top of the line Aero Package, this 9-2 comes equipped with the same turbocharged four-cylinder engine and all-wheel-drive setup as the iconic Impreza WRX. With a black and tan interior and a pearl silver exterior, the car's in remarkable shape for a mid-2000's GM product with over 150,000 miles.

With the number of miles on the odometer, a selling price of $6,900 is no sweat to put down for a car that's assuredly one of the rarest and most unassuming classic Saabs you're likely to come across.
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