Royal Huisman to Build Project 410, the World's Largest Sloop

Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman has announced its plans to make a new sailing yacht, one that would represent "a revolutionary step into the future for superyachts." At 85 meters (280 feet) long, Project 410 is set to be the world's largest sloop with the luxury and comfort of a mega yacht.
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Sea Eagle IISea Eagle IISea Eagle IIProject 406 sportfish yacht hull turningProject 406 sportfish yacht hull turningProject 406 sportfish yacht hull turning
The project was recently unveiled to an exclusive audience at the start of the St. Barths Bucket Regatta and received incredible support. Commissioned by an experienced owner, the yacht will strip the 78-meter (255-foot) M5 of its "world's largest sloop-rigged sailing yacht" title.

Project 410 will be built in aluminum at Royal Huisman's new facilities in Vollenhove. Rondal, the shipyard's sister company, will be in charge of the design, and it will also manufacture the huge carbon mast, boom, and integrated sailing system.

Equipped to deliver unmatched performance, the vessel will be able to set sail in minutes and will provide the utmost comfort to the passengers. It will navigate quietly across the water and with fewer emissions thanks to a two-megawatt battery bank and innovative propulsion system.

Royal Huisman intends to make it a sustainable yacht capable of regenerating energy while at sea. Wherever possible, the design will incorporate recycled materials. Moreover, the yacht is going to be future-proofed.

"This project is already iconic in every aspect and will be built by the finest craftsmen in the world in full collaboration with her talented designers. We're all going to enjoy the realisation of bespoke excellence embraced with' New World' technology," concluded Royal Huisman CCO Peter Naeyé.

As far as the evolution of the project goes, the shipyard announced that the design has already been completed and it's ready to start the construction process.

Project 410 is sure to make a splash once it's completed. But it will come as no surprise, given Royal Huisman's reputation for building incredible ships, such as the Sea Eagle II – the world's biggest aluminum sailing yacht. Currently, it's also busy working on Project 406, which is expected to become the world's biggest sportfishing yacht.

Editor's note: Gallery shows Royal Huisman's Sea Eagle II aluminum sailing yacht and Project 406 sportfish yacht.

 Download: Royal Huisman to build the world's largest sloop (PDF)


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