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Royal Enfield Himalayan Spotted Again, Shows Poor Use for the Side Racks

Even though Royal Enfield postponed the release of their newest model, the Himalayan adventure bike, it looks like the interest for the model in its home market has not dwindled at all. We've got some more photos of the Himalayan showing that the bike is ready to roll and neatly accessorized, awaiting the official green light.
Royal Enfield Himalayan 4 photos
Royal Enfield Himalayan engineRoyal Enfield Himalayan with alu casesRoyal Enfield Himalayan with soft bags
This new Himalayan pic shows one of the potential uses for the two side racks that flank the fuel tank. In this case, they've been used to accommodate jerrycans meant to extend the range of this thumper.

While the idea of being able to carry some extra fuel is, of course, a most welcome one, dropping the bike on rocky terrain will surely put a premature end to the long range adventure dreams. Punctured canisters don't hold fluids, and judging by the bike's architecture, the side-mounted cans are probably the first thing that would take damage in a fall.How to start a vehicle fire? Fill these cans and crash
Even more, in case a rider crashes while carrying fuel in these cans, we'd also put our money on a vehicle fire. Just try to imagine fuel leaking on the road from punctured canisters, with metal scraping against the asphalt several feet behind. Anyone putting money on a happy ending for this scenario?

As for the Royal Enfield Himalayan itself, the bike looks almost decent when equipped with the alu-cases. The black engine certainly adds a lot to the modern bike vibe, and takes the Himalayan further away from the old retro looks, as the rushlane photos clearly show.

There is still much to be improved to it, but at least this appears to be a firm step forward for the historic Indian manufacturer. We still loathe the huge exhaust and we also know that other "departments" can look more modern.

Even so, if Royal Enfield wants to get a slice of pie in the western markets, it's the engine they must focus on, as 28 hp will not thrill too many riders and it is NOT enough, especially with fully-loaded side cases and front racks, and perhaps a passenger.


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