SUNplicity Is an Amazing Camping Accessory for Bikes, ATVs and More

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Size and weight are the key factors when it comes to packing for a motorcycle or ATV adventure. Some might only feel comfortable if they carry the kitchen sink with them, but this is impossible most of the times.
If you plan to cook your own meals, gas stoves are the first thing that comes to mind, but then you will depend on how many gas canisters you need or can haul around. These stoves are diminutive and can be used safely in most places.

SUNplicity may not be the ultimate replacement for propane stoves, but it definitely ticks a lot of other boxes. We doubt it will change history, but SUNplicity is a product we liked from the beginning. It may look like an antenna used to track down extraterrestrial activity, but it is in fact a large mirror.

The sun means free energy, lots and lots of free energy

Thanks to its clever design, SUNplicity can concentrate light coming from the sun into a beam that can become very hot. And by very hot we mean, hot enough for cooking meat, boiling a broth, and so on.

It comes with an easy to use optical alignment guide that helps the user position the "mirror dish" in the optimal position for the maximum heating effect, and this makes everything a child's play.

Putting it up and tearing it down is also a simple, intuitive process, and when folded in the carrying position, the SUNplicity also has a very small footprint.

Windy weather, indoor use and nighttime render it useless

However, there are certain downsides for this sun-powered cooker, with four of them being the most important. Nighttime and indoor use are funny ideas, to say the least, even though Alain Bivas, SUNplicity's creator, says that it can be used successfully on balconies.

Likewise, trying to cook anything in cloudy weather will also yield a huge fail, while attempting to use it in windy conditions would also result in disaster. Instead of harnessing the sun's power, SUNplicity would rather behave like a good windcatcher, which is of no help when trying to cook. Still, in ideal conditions, SUNplicity has a 400W equivalent output.

If you feel like eating sun-cooked meals, you'd better hurry and reserve one, as the SUNplicity will go on sale in January 2016, but only 200 units will be made. Drop Alain an email to reserve your SUNplicity for 290€ + delivery in Europe or 250€ plus delivery and local taxes outside the EU. Estimating 50€ for worldwide shipping, you could have the SUNplicity in the US for around $330.

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