Is This 1,000W, 90,000-Lumen Light Enough for Your Adventure Bike?

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LED light modules are slowly taking over the motorcycle industry and their applications are gradually extending even in the retro segment. Headlights, taillights and turn signals retain their classic shapes and design language, but we get to see the incandescent bulbs replaced by LED ones.
Thanks to the advanced LED technology, the light emitted by these "new-age bulbs" can be tweaked, so it resembles that of retro units almost to perfection, so the styling challenges are done with, even for the most demanding of customers.

Still, the troubles associated with traditional bulbs are eliminated, the life of the LED modules being far longer than what any incandescent unit can dream of.

It's an electric revolution, whether you like it or not

Nikola Tesla is rejoicing from whatever place/aggregation state he is in now. The world IS changing, and we are witnessing an electric revolution. LED lights technology is making huge progress, just as the electric motorcycle industry has been making during the last four-five years.

Individual bulbs, their controllers, coolers and all are becoming better by the day, and if 100W LEDs were hard to imagine three years ago, at least in mass production trim, they are now real. Likewise, the LED controllers are making them more energy-efficient and the form factor is also offering new opportunities, so this insane flashlight no longer seems THAT wacky.

This particular light module is, of course, overkill, with 1,000 Watts and 90,000lumens, and we can't even begin to imagine the looks on the faces of those asked to homologate it. Still, the technology is out there, and we just know someone will be able to miniaturize it, even if lowering the specs a bit.

Imagine what having auxiliary lights a third or a quarter the power of this particular model would be. Nighttime rides out in the wild would be much safer thanks to the dramatic increase in visibility, even though this flashlight is still unable to see beyond hilltops.

This particular flashlight may be a "just because I can" gadget, but it certainly tells a lot about what the future has in store for us.

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