Roofnest's Condor 2 Tents Are the Affordable Options to Off-Grid Living We Needed

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Since summer is basically here for most of the world, it's time to get out there and start exploring all our wonderful world has to offer, and since RVs are out of most people's reach, here's Roofnest with their freshest lineup of roof-top tents, the Condor 2 series.
Ladies and gents, if you've never heard of Roofnest before, you're in luck. Since 2016, this brand has been making a name for itself by providing the average Joe a means to an end. The means are capable and affordable roof-mounted tents, and the end is the greater outdoors.

While they already produce a wide range of mobile habitats, a recent announcement from the brand has brought with it four new tents to their family. Best of all, the least expensive of the bunch starts at around $3,450 (€3,200 at current exchange rates). Spend some more cash, up to $5,000, and grab some outdoor living features, and you've transformed your truck or SUV into an off-grid habitat. What more could you want?

Now, four new tents have been added to the series, the Condor 2, Condor 2 XL, the Overland 2, and Overland 2 XL. So, to make things easier to understand, I will simply run through a few key differences between the models, and all this starts with the shell material.

The standard Condor 2's shell is built out of ASA/ABS plastic, and so is the Condor 2 XL's. Both shells have also been treated with Line-X finish to improve durability and fight off the elements. Once you've reached your destination and unfurled these fold-out campers, you'll be putting your hands on 320 GSM poly-cotton canvas and a rainfly rated to 3,000 mm. Whip out the aluminum ladders and climb inside.

Condor 2 Series
Photo: Roofnest
Once you do, the Condor 2 will allow for up to three guests to lay their heads, and the XL allows up to four. While inside, you can access a few cargo bags, view the world around you through 3-way windows, and even check out the stars above through a skylight. Lay your head on your favorite pillow, and let the memory foam mattresses relieve your aching bones. Turn off the LED light strips, and good night.

As for the bigger boys on the block, the Overland versions are a bit different than the previously mentioned units in that they're built to take a beating. These campers are made with a stamped aluminum shell instead of the classic plastics we're used to and include accessory channels. But that's basically the only difference between the units, apart from dimensions, of course.

We start to see the resemblance once we move on to features like the tent material and rainfly. 320 GSM poly-cotton canvas is used again for these two tents, and the same rainfly rating is in place. Yup, the aluminum ladder, memory foam mattress, and same door and window setup are also used. Expect a similar experience. Also, the Overland 2 can accommodate up to three, and the XL, again, up to four guests. But don't be mistaken; that aluminum shell is made to take a beating and is suitable for more extreme conditions, so take the time to pick the correct option for you.

Condor 2 Series
Photo: Roofnest
Now, there's something that Roofnest decided to implement into the Condor series' design, the ability to be adapted with a set of crossbars. Why is this such a big deal? Because this feature can support up to 160 lbs (72 kg) of extra gear, you can bring along anything you may need on your trip, be it a pair of kayaks, ground-level tents, a portable toilet, and even extra water tanks, 160 lbs of whatever you want. Speaking of weights, let me point out that the heaviest of the four units is the Condor 2 Overland XL, cruising in with a solid 250 lbs (113 kg) of habitat added to your vehicle.

If we put all this together, what do we have? Well, I want you to imagine that your summer plans include one of these roof-top units. Grab your favorite, or the one that best suits your needs and budget, and prepare your SUV for outdoor exploration. Next stop? That X on your map. Once you've made it to your playground, maybe the side of a lake or some hilly haven, unfurl your Condor's proverbial wings and let it be your home away from home, if only for a night or two or three.

If you've prepared accordingly, whip out the old mobile galley, set up your solar panels and power generator, and even your shower and bathroom annex. It sounds like a full-blown campsite to me, and you can achieve all this for well under $10,000.

Thinking this summer is going to pass you by without outdoor exploration? Think again, and one feasible option to get out there now is any roof-top tent like the Condor 2 series. Just something to think about if you're in the market for an affordable option for off-grid living.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase all four Condor 2 variations.

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