Rick Ross Has a Red Chevrolet Collection – In a Color-Coded Garage

Imagine having a big passion for something and a lot of money to purchase what you love. Is it really a surprise to know that Rick Ross has a color-coded garage? Because in a new video story on Instagram, the rapper shows a roomful of red Chevrolet cars.
Rick Ross Red Chevrolet Collection 9 photos
Red Chevrolet CollectionRed Chevrolet CollectionRed Chevrolet CollectionRed Chevrolet CollectionRed Chevrolet CollectionRed Chevrolet CollectionRed Chevrolet CollectionRed Chevrolet Collection
Rick Ross’ love for the Americana is present all around his collection. Owning over 100 cars, he's got a big part of them made up of vintage models, mostly Chevrolet Bel Airs, and he has just shown that yet again in a new video on social media. Just in case you forgot...

We’ve previously talked about Rick Ross’ passion for General Motors, and it comes as no surprise to see that the rapper, CEO, and entertainer has the same models in distinct colors. This time, it’s yet another set of Chevrolets (Check photo gallery to see them).

Sharing inspirational wisdom that got him to a net worth of $45 million as of 2021, Rick Ross walks around his mansion, and takes us into a red-filled Chevy garage, that includes at least four cars, be it convertible or station wagons, among which, of course, a Bel Air and an Impala.

Rick owns a mansion with over 100 rooms, surrounded by 87 acres, that he calls The Promise Land. Showing parts of his house very often on social media, he also lets us know that he doesn’t just have one garage for his precious collection. That would certainly not fit all his cars.

A few weeks ago, Rick Ross took it to social media and introduced us to the space full of black Chevrolet cars. And it seems that his life spins around cars. Inspired by a luxury subbrand belonging to Mercedes-Benz, the rapper owns a record label called Maybach Music Group. He also has a song on his fourth studio album called  Aston Martin Music, and a partnership for a sparkling wine collection called Belaire with his face on the label.

So having different garages based on color makes all the sense in the world... That's if you're Rick Ross, and you have as many cars to fill several rooms.


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