Renault Says Megane GT Is Better than the Porsche 911, Golf GTI and Focus ST

Holly crap, Renault just said the Megane GT is better than a Golf GTI in a commercial coming from Germany no less! In the old days, you could be stoned to death for committing such a sacrilege.
Megane GT vs 911, GTI, OPC 1 photo
Deutschland is the home of the 2-liter turbo engine. It's the place where thousands of Golf GTIs and Opel Astra OPCs are assembled and shifted all over the world. Usually, you would need something like the Megane RS to battle these giants, but Renault's German wing says the GT model already has superior handling.

The commercial is all about offering excellent handling in the sand, where the 4Control system of the Megane GT supposedly gives it the edge over the Ford Focus ST, Astra OPC, and Golf GTI.

Somehow, we doubt some of the finest hot hatches ever made are inferior to the Megane GT, which doesn't have a mechanical limited slip differential, wide tires, or independent rear suspension. But the rear wheel steering system is a real bonus, which only a few sportscars offer.

Renault admits that the 911 facelift has this feature, but says the €25,990 starting price negates any comparison with Porsche. That's like saying the Dacia Duster is a better SUV than the Porsche Cayenne because it's cheaper, but we'll let it slide.

Renault is probably so aggressive because it has to. By offering a twin-clutch gearbox and 4Control as standard, the Megane GT has become quite expensive for its class, since a GTI is just €3,000 more. But the Opel Astra OPC is indeed overpriced at €36,100.

If you're the type of hot hatch buyer that just wants a bit of power and sporty looks, the Megane GT could be all the machine you need, and in our book, the 4Control and larger cabin make this a better car than the compromised Clio RS.

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