2024 Renault Grand Kangoo Photos, engines & full specs

Body style: Van
Segment: Large MPV
Infotainment: Apple CarPlay icon Apple CarPlay   Android Auto icon Android Auto  
Production years: 2023, 2024

RENAULT Grand Kangoo 2023-Present 25 Photos
RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)RENAULT Grand Kangoo (2023-Present)

Renault refreshed the Kangoo lineup in 2023 and added the long wheelbase version for it, named Grand Kangoo. In addition, the French automaker offered electric versions of this successful utility vehicle, which was also available as a people carrier.

The Kangoo was one of the most successful light commercial vehicles on the European market. Renault launched this model in 1997 and, along the model's three generations, it constantly improved it and gave it more aptitudes and capabilities. While it didn't look like a regular MPV, it proved to be better than most minivans in that size segment in terms of interior room, comfort, and fuel efficiency. When Renault launched the third generation of the Kangoo in 2020, it didn't make it with a long wheelbase option. But that was changed during the 2023 model update.

With the new update, the car got a refreshed front fascia, which sported the carmaker's design language. The headlights sported LED daytime running lights incorporated into the headlamps and forming a C-shape. Between them, the automaker installed a broad grille that was mostly masked for the entire range and sported the big and chromed carmaker's badge in the middle. From its profile, the Kangoo revealed its steep panoramic windscreen, suitable for such a tall greenhouse. Passengers could get onboard via the front-hinged front doors or the sliding doors for the rear occupants. Behind it, Renault added a wide window. Finally, at the back, the carmaker didn't bother with aerodynamic enhancements and created a vertical drop for the tailgate.

But the most significant advantage of the Grand Kangoo was its interior space. This version offered enough room for up to seven passengers seated in three rows (2-3-2). For easier ingress and egress of the rearmost seated occupant, Renault created wider sliding doors on the sides and a lower entry step. In addition, the trunk was big enough for most situations. If customers wanted to use the vehicle as a utility one, they could fold or completely remove the second and the third row of seats.

Under the hood, Renault installed a range of gasoline, diesel, and electric motors. The spark-ignited version was a 1.33-liter turbocharged powerplant that offered 130 PS (128 HP), while the oil burner offered just 95 ponies (94 HP) sent to the front wheels. The former version was paired with either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic (dual-clutch), while the latter was mated exclusively with a six-speed manual.

Besides the ICE versions, the 2023 Grand Kangoo offered an option for electron-powered drivetrains fueled by a 45 kWh battery pack. Renault offered the electric version with an extended warranty of eight years or 160,000 km (roughly 100,000 miles). The battery pack could've been charged at 80kWh chargers, and the automaker promised that the car could gain about 80 km (50 miles) in about ten minutes of charging.

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RENAULT Grand Kangoo 2023, 2024
  1 electric
  • 45 KWh (122 HP)
  1 engine
  • 130 HP

RENAULT Grand Kangoo
45 KWh (122 HP)

ENGINE SPECS - 45 KWh (122 HP)
Total maximum power:90 kw (122 hp)
Total maximum torque:180.7 lb-ft (245 Nm)
Fuel System:Electric
Front:Ventilated Discs
Cargo Volume:17.7 cuFT (501 L)
Power pack:Lithium-Ion
Nominal Capacity:45 kWh
Range:164.7 miles (265.1 km)
22 kW AC fast charger to top up the battery from 15% to 80% in 2 hours and 40 minutes
22 kW AC – DC 80 kW charger (standard) to add 170 km of range in 27 minutes.

RENAULT Grand Kangoo
130 HP

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