Range Rover Sport SVR Is Faster Than a Bentayga, But You Shouldn't Care

In the time-honored tradition of comparing cars at the race track, Fifth Gear recently shot a dogfight between the Bentley Bentayga and the fastest Range Rover ever, a RR Sport SVR.
Range Rover Sport SVR Is Faster Than a Bentayga, But You Shouldn't Care 1 photo
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This 7-minute video is just the last part of a more comprehensive review released on Quest TV. Before this, the Range Rover proved to be a better off-road car while the Bentley impressed us with its ride. A track battle is indeed more exciting, but also pointless in a way.

There are areas where being the fastest is essential. Fastest at solving a Rubik's cube? Excellent. But having an SUV setting records around a track is like being good at running in stilettos.

Both of these models are well over two tons in weight but compensate with extra-large engines. The Range Rover Sport SVR has a 5-liter supercharged V8 making 575 HP. Meanwhile, this is the most powerful version of the Bentayga, packing a twin-turbo W12 6-liter with 606 HP.

Straight away, VBH points out that the exhaust of the Range Rover is way louder for the speed than in an equivalent Jaguar. It's ridiculous, though this model is all about being excited in 4x4. Also, if you want to see a tall vehicle sliding around like it shouldn't you need to watch this video.

The Bentayga also has breathtaking acceleration right from the start, but it carries itself with more grace. Bentley debuted individual active anti-roll bars in its first SUV. They rely on a 48V electrical system to pump it up and defy the laws of cornering physics.

Despite having 30 horsepower more, the Bentley actually loses the race by about a second. Despite this, if money is no object and you're looking to drive your SUV faster than needed, Vicki says the big B has much better steering feedback and a stable drive. It is about 60% more expensive, though.

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