Porsche 911 Turbo 997 Shames Its Ancestors by Holding Up a Toyota Yaris

After what was mostly a mild winter, Europe has found itself under a massive front of cold Arctic air which brought a late flurry of snow, right when everyone was getting ready for the first of March and the subsequent spring usually associated with this date.
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However, just because the calendar says winter is over, that doesn't mean the weather necessarily has to agree. You'd think that's something we've all learned the hard way at some point in our lives when a rare snow caught us poorly dressed, but it seems some people weren't as lucky. Or unlucky, depending on how you look at it.

Walking through the snow in your sneakers can be a nuisance, but at least it won't bother anybody else around you. Well, it will if you're the whiny type, but that's another story. However, driving an ill-prepared car in a busy town, now that's something that's guaranteed to make you the main attraction for every commuter unlucky enough to find themselves behind you.

This Porsche 911 - that appears to be a 997 Turbo - suffered the embarrassment of its lifetime, though the real culprit is the man sitting inside the warm cabin not giving a damn about the long line of cars trundling behind him at a much slower pace than they would have liked to.

The only reason why this 911 can move forward - even in this skewed manner that makes it look like a drifting clip played in ultra slow-motion - is because it has all-wheel-drive. Other than that, the tires aren't doing anything to help it.

We can't know for sure, but given the nature of the car and the size of the wheels, as well as the way they spin fruitlessly producing very little movement, we'd say those are performance tires designed for sporty driving and track days, and not a snow-covered street.

The ultimate humiliation comes the moment the white Toyota Yaris driving directly behind it tries to pass, something no other Porsche 911 has had to go through until now. Except it's very difficult to overtake (or undertake, as that's been tried as well) a car that doesn't drive parallel to the road, but at a pretty acute angle.

The clip ends with the Porsche drifting toward the center of the street, which was probably the chance everyone behind it was waiting for to get on with their lives. What we're really curious to know is what kind of shoes the driver had. Because if it's sneakers, then he obviously didn't pay attention to the forecast. But if it's winter boots, then he's just a reckless, inconsiderate douchebag who thought too much of their car's AWD system.

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