Outlaw Ferrari "The Brawler" Looks Like a Piece of NASCAR in Elaborate Rendering

Outlaw Ferrari "The Brawler" rendering 8 photos
Photo: colorsponge/behance
Outlaw Ferrari "The Brawler" renderingOutlaw Ferrari "The Brawler" renderingOutlaw Ferrari "The Brawler" renderingOutlaw Ferrari "The Brawler" renderingOutlaw Ferrari "The Brawler" renderingOutlaw Ferrari "The Brawler" renderingOutlaw Ferrari "The Brawler" rendering
If you happen to be in a rush while checking out this digitally remastered Ferrari 308, try to focus on the rendering showcasing the newfound wheel/tire package of the Prancing Horse. If all the imperfections and the neatly sorted textures don't convince you to dedicate some time to this immersive project, nothing will.
The fresh rolling hardware obviously required a bit of fender work, but, unlike most similar projects we see these days, this one doesn't take the visuals all that far from the factory form of the Maranello machine, even though purists might beg to differ. Then again, how could a virtual contraption dubbed The Brawler not have such an effect on said enthusiasts?

So, while the front fenders, which those Hoosier slicks barely clear, are slightly pushed outside the vehicle, the front end gets an air dam that has the effect of an uber-masculine chin.

Meanwhile, the changes in the engine compartment, which we can partially observe through the hole in the cover, mean there's no muffler sitting at the back. As such, with everything south of the rear bumper gone, including the bumper itself, we can now feast our eyes on the tech bits, while that low-mounted diffuser seems to have relieved any potential wing of its duty.

Another key aspect of this track-savvy transformation of the 308 GTS, a product of the mid-1970s and early 1980s (GTSi update and all), comes from its LED lighting signature - in combination with the reworked fascias, this seems to bring a bit of Cyberpunk aroma.

The work, which comes from a digital artist named Carlos (a.k.a. colorsponge) and has been done in collaboration with pixel master Ash Thorp, is neither the first nor the last project that sees the two joining forces with spectacular results.

In fact, here's Carlos sharing the background of the adventure: "This Ferrari 308 GTS is one of my fav childhood cars, having always been present in my drawings (huge inspiration) and representing what I consider to be the perfect balance between brutality and elegance. So, I tried to keep the general essence of the original Pininfarina design with subtle changes here and there."

And, with its outlaw look, we're sure The Brawler will inspire others. In fact, this perfectly captures the spirit of the modern classic Ferrari build scene, which, as projects such as this Button Built twin-turbo F355 or this Honda-swapped 308 GTBi show, is a thing nowadays.
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